DIY Remodeling- Drywall stage

in steelmaker •  3 months ago

I got some work done on my current DIY remodeling project. The electrical work and plumbing are roughed in and the subfloor is ready. I hung the drywall and taped the seams.


This is the stage of the project that always seema to go slower than I thought it would. As soon as you start working on parts that show you need to be a lot more careful.

The tape seams need another coat of mud, then it is time to put on a ceiling texture. The original ceiling was "stumped," by smearing it with thinned mud, pressing a flat board against it, and pulling down to make little points sticking down.

The texture gets messed up easily and is hard to repair, so I scraped in mostly off and covered it with a coat of mud. When I retexture the ceiling it will have a lower profile and will be easier to paint.

Cheers, Professor Bromide

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When you finish your work there, you are very welcome to do some at my place. :-)) Awesome DIY work, @professorbromide.

This is one home improvement project I have NEVER been able to do... drywall. Mine comes out lumpy, bumpy and FULL of seams.


It is easy to appreciate good drywall work after you have tried it yourself. The kid who did my workshop did great work. He could just put on his headphones and knock out 1000 square feet of work in a few hours. It came out perfect. I'm all thumbs and it takes me forever to get it right.

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