June Membership are now opened until the end of the month.

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It is now time to start sending payments and delegation for our subscription upvote service for the month of June, you have until the end of May, then we will once again close to new members until next month or potentially mid month.

Delegating memberships are not limited, so no need to rush with them, but paying members will be strictly limited to a total of 400 Steem worth of members, before we close, and current members have first crack at those spots, currently approximately 150 of the room has been spoken for. Also remember paying members are also required to delegate at least 25% of there current tier.


All quality content creators on steemit are eligible to participate in our service and community. We are a delegation based subscription vote bot, we also offer a limited amount of paid steem memberships, but those are first offered to current members, and new members are encouraged to delegate. Members that subscribe to the service the will receive a daily vote after a 22hr timer expires. The value of this vote will be based on how much a member delegates or pays.

STEEM subscriptions will be limited to a max of 400 STEEM (from all members combined, and as above current members have the right of first refusal, before we offer paid memberships to new member). As previous each 1 Steem Payment will be equivalent to 25SP delegated for the purpose of tier and vote calculation. We are also starting a phase out period, so all paying members, but also delegate at least 25% of there total tier contribution. (ie, if they want silver tier, you must delegate at least 312.5SP and your steem payment would be 37.5 STEEM, you can not gain your tier with payments only)

Current paying members please contact me ASAP to confirm if you wish to renew your payment so I can offer to new members, (@marpemusic, @silveringots, @jpphotography,@tesaganewton, @luigi-the-gnome, @moderndayhippie, @ackhoo, @goldrooster, @nikema, @tzcap)

Otherwise all delegating members will stay at there current tier unchanged if the delegation remains in effect, so no need to do anything unless you wish to upgrade.

Staxs working towards making being fully sustainable through SBD earned on posting rewards to sustain our current baseline lease of 50 000SP. In light of that members are expected to cast a daily return vote on @silvergoldbotty's daily posts. Vote values are based on the the following calculation;100 000/(your active SP)= Your minimum return vote. (This means if you active SP is less than 1000, you will be casting a 100% daily vote) But please feel free to cast a larger vote if you wish to help support this service.

Votes received by members are weighted depending on how much is delegated. Currently every 250SP that is delegated will get a 4% return vote worth approximately $1 daily. This will scale according your delegation, and also subject to change depending on membership, voting % and steem price, but please consider a self vote with 250SP is worth only $0.05.

This month due to demand and requests we are creating a platinum tier and will increase our max delegation to 5000SP.

Here are the current tiers, and vote values

Please be aware, the current % will be reduced slightly when next month takes effect due to increased membership, but despite that I expect vote values will remain close to the current values as the increased delegation offset the reduced %, but vote values are mostly depending on steem price and the price feed, so there is always some fluctuation throughout the month due to this, and if steem continues it's downward trend the vote value will fall more, this is of course why delegations are preferred and payments of liquid steem are discouraged.

Please also be aware you do not need to delegate the exact amount for a specific tier and regardless of the amount you delegate an appropriate and scaled vote will be provided, the minimum amount is 50SP.

Tier-TitleDelegationVoteVote Value(current)

I hope this all make sense, but If not please feel free to ask any questions in the comments or on discord @phelimint #3565

Here are the links to delegate to the appropriate tiers

Recently this tool below has been my favorite for adding and removing delegation check it out, and thanks to @yabapmatt for creating it!


Otherwise there are also the trusty old manual steem connect links below

Please be aware you need to replace USERNAME with your username.

0SP-To withdraw your Delegation

50SP Minnow Tier

200SP- Lead Tier

400SP-Copper Tier

650SP Nickel Tier

1250SP-Silver Tier

2500SP - Gold Tier

5000SP-Platinum Tier

Second Chance Post

Here's a great post to share today from @dedicatedguy. He rights some excellent psychology content that is totally worth checking out and keeping up on and today's in definitely the case as well.

Looking forwards for all our new members coming aboard this month!

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Really this is too good work

You can give my spot up to a new member. Thanks 😀


Okay, your welcome back with open arms anytime!

Finally delegated :)


Glad to have you!

Im going to be upgrading to the nickle level. Should have my delegation upped shortly!


No rush, you have till the end of the month.

I'm tired and I am new to this idea.

If I want to be a minnow with your service do I delegate 50 sp and upvote you once a day?

If so, do you have a value of some level needed for the vote?

I am not on discord to ask questions there. Thank you for answering here if you can.


You can delegate a minimum of 50sp however after that you can delegate as much as you like. When you upvote if you have less than 1000sp then you must give a 100% upvote a day.
If you have over 1000sp lets say 1500sp the you calculate the following

100000/1500 = 66.66% upvote

Hope this helps


Yeah, your right about the process to just delegate and upvote, the vote is weighed at 100 000/(your SP)= vote, let me know if you have any other questions.

Yes am still on board, i will delegate 450sp plus 26 steem.


Sounds great man, it's been a pleasure having you aboard.

I love @silvergoldbotty, one of the best investments I've made on steemit so far! I have increased my delegation to 400 this month :)


awesome man, glad to have you!

Thanks Stax! I’ll be sending over another 2500SP for a platinum spot! 😁


Awesome man!, going to be an exciting month ahead.

I pass for June but hope to be back in August. Thx again! Planning some long holidays!


Sounds good, enjoy your holiday.

Im going to bail out this time,I have some other things I want to deligate to for now.Will ckeck you later!


No worries man