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RE: Exchange Transfer Report: 10/2/2016 to 10/8/2016

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As a bootstrapped business owner of 9+ years, I also wonder, why are you regularly pulling ~$10k each on your personal accounts out of such an early startup?

I myself fear the bitcoiners may be right, that Steem may just be a glorified scam coin disguised as a startup. Not sure @dan and @ned give a damn about the hardworking folks who invested their hard EARNED money into STEEM Power, only to see it endlessly lose value in a downward spiral of death. Really sad IF this is the case (I hope it is not). Time will tell the truth, and reputations will proceed one's self.


I've had an occasional doubt here and there, but when I read Dan's posts and review is blog, the books he's read, the philosophical stance he has on how to improve the world, etc, etc... I want to believe he's like an Elon Musk making decisions people think are crazy at the time, only to be proven right in the long term. I really hope that is the case. I also know that I'm biased because I too have invested, and I want to believe I made a good investment.

I really do hope you are right. Is that $10k total, or $10k weekly? $10k weekly sounds like jumping ship, but who knows.

Yep, around $10k each weekly. Check the previous reports I link to above.

Wow, that's some big bucks. Not helping allieviate sell pressure on the token value for sure. That's a shame.

I think they want to get Steem power in the hands of non whales. If I was them I would just power up random people who post. I used to think these guys were amazing marketeers among many other strong suites but now I don't think so. That initial payout was brilliant marketing. I think giving ten steem dollars to most active users (vote plus comment plus post) each week would do a lot more for the system than swelling on the open market.

Hopefully it all works out eventually, so the platform isn't here today and gone tomorrow.

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