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Hi buddies,

It's a wonderful time to announce the best curation strategy.

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Title:[과학] MIT 4족 보행 로봇

We recommend giving 25 Percent of Power

If you like it,Just Voting

We guarantee you could gain at least 10%-30% APR curation return.

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Vote History

AuthorTitleSBD When VotingCurrent SBDGrowth RateTime
@liliana.duarte Before SteemFest4 - Part 1/2: Bangkok street & food10.214.76430.91%2019-11-08
@homeartpictures so the week is done, now we relaxed ..... I wish you a nice weekend .... so die Woche ...0.6121.02940.52%2019-11-08
@ace108 #SteemFest - Grab the sofa - 抢沙发 (by @ace108) This picture worth the price of the ...0.1121.25391.06%2019-11-08
@leylar Autumn trees and ... mushrooms0.1458.89398.37%2019-11-08
@lichtblick Ramen X Ramen, Berlin- Friedrichshain- Delicious Fresh Ramen 4.3119.41254.2%2019-11-08
@jsantana Algumas Reflexões Sobre o Steemit/Steem0.0970.62284.41%2019-11-08
@stephenkendal From 32 to 1..!! It gives me absolute great pleasure to announce that the DigiByte Community has been voted the most popular Blockchain / Crypto Community on Social Media out of 32 Communities that took part.1.8472.55727.77%2019-11-08
@me-tarzan NO TRADE TODAY STAY IN CASH / NEW and IMPROVED / BITCOIN RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 7 <<>> November 8 , 20190.6560.6641.2%2019-11-08
@future24 Vlog #191: Der alte Venezianische Hafen in Heraklion auf Kreta!2.9233.29411.26%2019-11-08
@htliao 「飛鴿傳書 cn-curation #415」推薦 CN 區博文:A friend who come from Korea + 读《从前我死去的家》2019-890.3464.22791.81%2019-11-08
@stephenkendal FINAL T-4 hours.!! With just 4 hours to go to find the most popular Blockchain / Crypto Community on Social Media, I would like to once again give a Massive Shout-out to the DigiByte, Verge & Reddcoin Communities for reaching the Final.1.462.28636.13%2019-11-08
@steevc Follow Friday, Steemfest FOMO2.0513.30737.98%2019-11-08
@boddhisattva Rainy day0.3381.39675.79%2019-11-08
@guyverckw Monthly Author Challenge #11.08 New Challenge taken recently (3) - 近日開始的新挑戰 (三)0.0070.65698.93%2019-11-08
@cryptopie I Received My Sweat Suit Today But Still Uncertain If It Would Work For My Quest To Perspire11.99812.4513.64%2019-11-08
@discernente Isso não é legítima defesa0.0740.39181.07%2019-11-08
@minnowbooster MinnowBooster Monster-Bot Discontinued27.05542.19235.88%2019-11-08
@me-tarzan Hold LONG POSITION <<>> ONLINE USERS AT POLONIEX BITCOIN RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 1 <<>> November 8 , 20190.6830.6880.73%2019-11-08
@runridefly Holiday Beverages at Starbucks on My Actifit Report Card: November 7 20190.7132.27968.71%2019-11-08
@maarnio Crypto Contest November 8: Blockstack1.0793.35367.82%2019-11-08
@havok777 Glitch Art Of The A.I. Faces And New Minimal Sound Something - Synthesis Underground - Sunkopaction0.0921.62694.34%2019-11-08
@taskmaster4450 Communities: A Powerful Addition To Steem23.38730.4423.17%2019-11-08
@honeybee Scottish politics completely detached from UK politics? 6.419.68867.49%2019-11-08
@ackza I just did a tweet about Weedcash and its EOS token and I need your help promoting it with retweets likes & comments!0.1720.34850.57%2019-11-08
@cheetah Cheetah Report for 2019.10.315.90717.94467.08%2019-11-08
@hermandadsteem Bella coordinación en pareja0.9826.54985.01%2019-11-08
@htliao My Actifit Report Card: November 8 20190.9642.08553.76%2019-11-08
@knozaki2015 I travel the world #879: Creamline Burger NYC2.8078.33566.32%2019-11-08
@ejemai Shouting don't win arguments.0.7461.71156.4%2019-11-08
@discernente Apreciando a natureza0.0840.14140.43%2019-11-08
@cryptopie The STEEM Platform Is The Outlet Of My Inner Steam And It Maintains My Sanity And Keeps Me From Being Depressed8.6289.61910.3%2019-11-08
@ezzy Battle Scars - Part 5 (An Original Short Story)7.8679.30115.42%2019-11-08
@acromott Now I need an Appics shirt!! I was checking out the Appics shirts on their website. ...2.9433.1526.63%2019-11-08
@broncnutz Neighbor Conflict! 13.41319.45931.07%2019-11-08
@jrcornel BTC - November has historically been one of the best months for Bitcoin17.55621.5418.5%2019-11-08
@boddhisattva MONOMAD PHOTOGRAPHIC CHALLENGE - Annunciation Cathedral of the Kazan Kremlin0.9631.99151.63%2019-11-08
@chrissysworld wenn die Sonne das Meer berührt, dann zaubert sie eine tolle Farbenpracht in den ...0.0140.16691.57%2019-11-08
@tanata The time of transition0.2810.50544.36%2019-11-08
@alexvan New challenge - start making money with 0 funds - 28.1338.7066.58%2019-11-08
@karenmckersie 🐟😋 Mmmm, Crispy Cod Fish & Chips! Delicious!🍟🐟0.0940.20854.81%2019-11-08
@jrcornel Downtown Josh Brown gives his thoughts on Bitcoin and Crypto16.9118.79210.01%2019-11-08
@daveks Saskatchewan Sunset Classics6.5376.8734.89%2019-11-08
@davidpakman PUBLIC Trump Impeachment Hearings Starting!6.3213.59253.5%2019-11-08
@rynow Daily Scripture0.0750.77390.3%2019-11-08
@louisthomas Will Price be the Main Driver of Adoption in Next Crypto Bull Market?11.55132.91764.91%2019-11-08
@cryptopie Getting Readied For My Morning Dialysis Now And It Gets Harder As Time Goes By🩸🧹⚕😷😔13.48915.21811.36%2019-11-08
@tarazkp In the still of the black and white14.77717.26814.43%2019-11-08
@homeartpictures skål my APPICS and Steemit Friends..... Friday Beer Time0.4080.6234.19%2019-11-08
@me-tarzan NO TRADE TODAY STAY IN CASH / NEW and IMPROVED BITCOIN & STEEM RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 6 <<>> November 8 , 20190.0640.0640%2019-11-08
@karenb54 A birthday meal out with food we have never tried, a little shopping then birthday cake and coffee...🎂 ☕1.987.87174.84%2019-11-08
@rosatravels Hiking: November 9 20190.1531.25887.84%2019-11-08
@isaaclab 삼성 블록체인 플랫폼 SDK 공개. 블록체인의 흐름에 따라 혁신의 발걸음을.6.79119.83965.77%2019-11-08
@ackza change your actifit titles!0.1530.20726.09%2019-11-08
@hiroyamagishi 🇻🇪 Video de Tema 535: ¿Cuál es el verdadero bautismo y la verdadera religión? Recompensamos quién dejará sus comentarios / We Reward People for their Reactions...0.0060.04185.37%2019-11-08
@me-tarzan NO TRADE TODAY STAY IN CASH <<>> NEW and IMPROVED / BITCOIN RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 4 <<>> November 8 , 20191.0681.0780.93%2019-11-08
@gooddream The Intruder (film): Remarkably bad (spoilers) 29.68334.57914.16%2019-11-08
@jaynie Pretty in Passion...9.0559.6376.04%2019-11-08
@ace108 📷Monthly Author Challenge #11.08 Morning swim in Bangkok - 曼谷早游😎 (by @ace108)3.8084.45814.58%2019-11-08
@soundlegion wav-Dr. & Bonnie Legion - Exhale [Nicky Havey Remix]9.58116.45241.76%2019-11-08
@knircky He likes Trump3.3277.83357.53%2019-11-08
@freebornangel The world is on fire!5.7847.18819.53%2019-11-08
@anahilarski Visiting the the Coliseum, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. 👍😜 There ...0.3131.83582.94%2019-11-08
@steeminator3000 Amazing Shilling Activity #2 Steem Rank 1 on Godsunchained13.66517.7322.93%2019-11-08
@davidpakman Absolutely DEVASTATING Numbers for Trump6.4414.6656.07%2019-11-08
@maneco64 Modern Britain Could Learn a Thing or Two About Colonial Scrip.1.0512.41756.52%2019-11-08
@freedompoint The Power of Uncertainty10.01411.22410.78%2019-11-08
@tarazkp Breaking the reliance, relying on community12.49614.63114.59%2019-11-08
@me-tarzan BUY SIGNAL TODAY BUY STEEM / NEW and IMPROVED / STEEM RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 5 <<>> November 8 , 20191.0911.1978.86%2019-11-08
@corbettreport Robots Are Taking Our Fake News Jobs!13.08215.82417.33%2019-11-08
@tarazkp Life dripping another way18.35120.57810.82%2019-11-08
@gooddream The Stick of Truth : Epic! (if you like Southpark) 27.48229.4166.57%2019-11-08
@rosatravels Traditional Chinese Set Up for Meals0.365.23893.13%2019-11-08
@susanli3769 [Crypto/Coinbase] 美国最大数字交易平台Coinbase推出XTZ质押激励1.3777.89382.55%2019-11-08
@stackin ❇️ BACK IN THE GYM AFTER 10+ DAYS OF LAZINESS!10.69413.12518.52%2019-11-08
@ejemai IMHO, Happiness is not free.0.1010.77887.02%2019-11-08
@leylar Slender-billed gull6.3986.7365.02%2019-11-08
@chrissysworld now that autumn is raging with fog and rain, I long all the more for the sun and ...0.2690.41935.8%2019-11-08
@htliao CRO Freezes 60% Supply, price went up2.8933.34913.62%2019-11-08
@cryptopie Too Bad That My Nurses Slowed Down My Dialysis Blood Pump And It Affects The Clean Quality Of My Blood And I Am Upset About It😔😒12.05912.735.27%2019-11-08
@magicmonk Make a mobile responsive website with Bootstrap lesson 4 - Adding a navigation bar9.36412.65726.02%2019-11-08
@gooddream Today in History: Hitler fails attempted coup (Beer Hall Putsch)37.7974.494-741.05%2019-11-08


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