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Title:I love Steem and I am sorry.!!

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Vote History

AuthorTitleSBD When VotingCurrent SBDGrowth RateTime
@ackza Staking pEOS Tokens from and free pEOSp for any steemian who comments on this and comes shows me on with telegram tip bot0.2190.46653%2019-10-07
@tarazkp Anonymous voting and honesty in the choosing9.78924.97360.8%2019-10-07
@davidpakman Would Trump Ever Resign the Presidency?6.47717.38962.75%2019-10-07
@freebornangel MemeMonday #44: Random brain droppings!4.6977.57137.96%2019-10-07
@discernente Trump abandona seus aliados na Síria 0.0650.19566.67%2019-10-07
@knircky Another Descending triangle1.56521.71792.79%2019-10-07
@virus707 영화를 본 사람만 보세요 두번째 쓰는 리뷰 조커 ,....n차관람을 위한....블랙코메디, 스포있으니 절대 클릭금지3.03226.25588.45%2019-10-07
@arcange Daily hit-parade - 2019.10.060.8831.64846.42%2019-10-07
@exyle Vlog 444: Curating vs. posting + Splinterlands running out of BETA card packs.29.32564.2554.36%2019-10-07
@gooddream Aziz Ansari - Right Now (stand-up comedy): Kind of a let-down31.5631.8260.84%2019-10-07
@edrivegom Guess the picture - 100 % SBD Among the winners0.0310.08563.53%2019-10-07
@cryptopie I Had A Good Dialysis Today As My Lungs Got Cleared-Up A Bit 👍🏼🩸🆑🌾2.7223.11912.73%2019-10-07
@boddhisattva Wings0.4312.29781.24%2019-10-07
@taskmaster4450 Sacramento Kings Develop The "King" Token On Ethereum9.5510.1065.5%2019-10-07
@oaldamster It aint over,0.2061.32584.45%2019-10-07
@kaylinart My Actifit Report Card: October 6 20191.2571.70126.1%2019-10-07
@cryptopie A Friend In Times Of Need Is A Friend Indeed👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏻🤟🏼💝3.1344.46829.86%2019-10-07
@karenb54 Hubby still ill in hospital, hoping for some good news over the next few days...1.4196.81479.18%2019-10-07
@unipsycho Paramotor Flying for some Fancy Photos 📷0.0382.21798.29%2019-10-07
@aggroed When $4M marketcap?15.29521.05627.36%2019-10-07
@ackza 27.6 EOS almost a hundred dollars just for buying some SOV during this bull run. I am working on bringing SOV first deflationary cryptocurrency, to steem-engine. All Steem LEO members who have EOS accounts and post them below get 1 SOV0.220.2345.98%2019-10-07
@fur2002ks 뻘짓 프로젝트 제39탄~ 끝까지 간다!!6.14318.43766.68%2019-10-07
@rynow Spare Part Horse Sculpture!!0.1053.12996.64%2019-10-07
@allmonitors Steemit Philippines Street Photography #314 - by Allmonitors0.565.94590.58%2019-10-07
@aggroed Steem Town Hall: Debate with @dreamryder007 // "Steemit Inc's performance" is the topic.18.61221.12911.91%2019-10-07
@me-tarzan BITCOIN RESEARCH PROFIT-TAKING SYSTEM #3 <<>> Watching for another Volume Price High <<>> October 7 , 20192.2652.11-7.35%2019-10-07
@stackin ❇️ SPLINTERLANDS: BETA PACKS ALMOST SOLD OUT FOREVER! ONLY 1000 PACKS LEFT!12.0714.49916.75%2019-10-07
@me-tarzan Hold LONG POSITION / (SBD) STEEM DOLLAR RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 8 <<>> October 7 , 20190.1870.33143.5%2019-10-07
@zer0hedge Platts: OPEC Oil Production Falls Most In 17 Years After Saudi Oil Attacks1.9910-Infinity%2019-10-07
@gooddream Today in History: USA begins assault / occupation in Afghanistan32.4342.30823.35%2019-10-07
@me-tarzan NO TRADE TODAY STAY IN CASH <<>> NEW and IMPROVED / BITCOIN RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 4 <<>> October 7 , 20190.3230.3-7.67%2019-10-07
@karenmckersie 🍅Color Challenge Monday RED: Delicious Tomatoes For Salsa!📷0.0840.42180.05%2019-10-07
@lightsplasher My Actifit Report Card: October 6 20190.440.77142.93%2019-10-07
@wartrapa Amor en los puentes de Perth0.1164.48497.41%2019-10-07
@rosatravels Plaka0.7280.8716.32%2019-10-07
@czechglobalhosts 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Australian Monday week #107 - the absolute winner takes 200 Steem!1.7965.26665.89%2019-10-07
@cryptopie Going To The Bathroom Is Now A Distasteful Chore For Me Now Because Of My Bones🛀🏼🚽😢4.0863.965-3.05%2019-10-07
@juvyjabian Just a share0.2140.26719.85%2019-10-07
@aaronli 行路日記 20191007 - 複雜 複雜1.0342.23753.78%2019-10-07
@magicmonk Java Programming with Eclipse lesson 5 - Generating random numbers1.4897.97681.33%2019-10-07
@ocd OCD Venezuela: Issue #43.1360-Infinity%2019-10-07
@tarazkp Sketchy personalities 23.5326.33810.66%2019-10-07
@slowwalker At the One Pillar Gate of Boseoksa Temple in Geumsan30.19931.5334.23%2019-10-07
@arcange Steem Statistics – 2019.10.060.8871.84751.98%2019-10-07
@cryptopie I Am Two Months Away From My 18th Dialysis Anniversary 🥂🎂🔞🎊2.8767.57362.02%2019-10-07
@doitvoluntarily New Study Suggests Optimism Might Fuel Longevity7.799.96721.84%2019-10-07
@jerrybanfield What is Success? My Definition is Loving What I Have!0.5790-Infinity%2019-10-07
@denmarkguy Monday Ramble: "Bottom Fishing," and Other Realities of Free Markets and Capitalist Life3.2193.3213.07%2019-10-07
@ace108 📷#BeautifulSunday #DailyPetPhotography Uninvited Lunch Partner - 不请自来吃午餐 😎 (by @ace108)1.3422.29341.47%2019-10-07
@louisthomas Why I DON'T Invest in Silver24.16460.50660.06%2019-10-07
@nelyp Señor Jirafo7.64712.69639.77%2019-10-07
@maarnio Crypto Contest October 7: Force Protocol2.5414.13538.55%2019-10-07
@rynow My Actifit Report Card: October 7 20190.0480.96495.02%2019-10-07
@rmach A 1ª notícia que ouvi hoje foi... (07/10/2019)0.0160.10584.76%2019-10-07
@daveks Canadian Rockies through the Lens of a Smartphone 4.5445.06910.36%2019-10-07
@shortcut Inktober Day 7 - Enchanted0.5082.24377.35%2019-10-07
@zer0hedge There Is A Lot Of Speculation That John Bolton Is The “Second Whistleblower”2.4910-Infinity%2019-10-07
@htliao My Actifit Report Card: October 7 20190.6911.27745.89%2019-10-07
@denmarkguy It's Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood! (Ulog No. 41)4.3827.05137.85%2019-10-07
@me-tarzan Hold LONG POSITION / NEW and IMPROVED BITCOIN & STEEM RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 6 <<>> October 7 , 20190.9271.04811.55%2019-10-07
@pharesim Using steemauto to support the community5.2140.609-756.16%2019-10-07
@tradingideas [스팀몬스터] 베타팩 완판 카운트다운12.49224.91549.86%2019-10-07
@me-tarzan NO TRADE TODAY STAY IN CASH / NEW and IMPROVED / STEEM RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 5 <<>> October 7 , 20190.2870.267-7.49%2019-10-07
@stephenkendal If you could pick one person from the past to be alive today and posting on Twitter, who would you choose?0.6532.04968.13%2019-10-07
@rosatravels Swimming in the shimmering Sea0.2241.84587.86%2019-10-07
@acidyo I've realized that...16.54836.45754.61%2019-10-07
@gooddream Anaview Restaurant and Bar - Chiang Mai Thailand: A bit pricey, but a lovely spot23.33423.323-0.05%2019-10-07
@taskmaster4450 Steem: Where Do You Stand On "Ride Or Die" With This Platform?18.01924.34825.99%2019-10-07
@havok777 New Tune - Synthesis Underground - Wround Trip0.1620.23831.93%2019-10-07

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