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Title:power food .... Fleisch 🍖, Reis aber vor allem Knoblauch muss im essen sein ..... ...

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@truth-revelation Superior Quotes #54: Fyodor Dostoyevsky0.0241.17697.96%2019-02-27
@kalemandra The Csitáry drinking fountain in Székesfehérvár - closeup photos9.72611.36914.45%2019-02-27
@ace108 露三点-送SBD/Steem 游戏结果和新一期 - Show 3D win SBD/Steem game result & new round - 20190306 (by @ace108)1.1311.93541.55%2019-02-27
@dwinblood Is Nationalism to blame? (It sounds like you mean Imperialism)0.1741.04183.29%2019-02-27
@ace108 Result of additional giveaway last #BeautifulSunday - 上星期天美丽星期天特别送奖结果 (by @ace108)1.2392.00138.08%2019-02-27
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@broncnutz Dumb People do Dumb Stuff.29.05955.70947.84%2019-02-27
@taskmaster4450 Mainstream Acceptance Of Cryptocurrency8.88811.89725.29%2019-02-27
@anomadsoul Thoughts from a Hostel's kitchen5.59314.96962.64%2019-02-27
@abh12345 Your vote count / weight distribution towards Posts and Comments5.28820.16373.77%2019-02-27
@htliao 「飛鴿傳書 cn-curation #184」推薦 CN 區博文:Can you see zhe rainbow?瀑布中的彩虹 + 即将诞生全球第一块steemit好运石1.4784.07963.77%2019-02-27
@geetharao Effects of Beautiful Lighting #30.35718.17598.04%2019-02-27
@meesterboom I Promise12.90317.42725.96%2019-02-27
@ezzy The Immense Benefits of Adopting an Optimistic Mindset12.00821.07343.02%2019-02-27
@stackin ✴️ DAVINCIJ15: THE MAN WHO TOLD ME TO BUY BITCOIN FOR $1 IN 2011!!13.60547.28171.23%2019-02-27
@shaka LMAC #8 - Winner announcement!9.21825.86264.36%2019-02-27
@acidyo What a nice message to stumble on7.29470.04789.59%2019-02-27
@truth-revelation Superior Quotes #53: Fyodor Dostoyevsky0.0231.17498.04%2019-02-27
@streetstyle Time to Get Savage [fashion] [clothing]0.9192.11956.63%2019-02-27
@firepower Would You Use Built-In Wallet On Your Phone?4.66715.21469.32%2019-02-27
@etcmike Greg Hunter Interview: Michael Pento -- A Very Dangerous New Paradigm27.71466.77158.49%2019-02-27
@stephenkendal I know I keep banging on about it, but the Steem Community needs more Nathans..!!1.8563.65649.23%2019-02-27
@isaaclab [Tasteem] 기억에 남는 카페. 건대 근처 "커피마켓"3.164.29426.41%2019-02-27
@daveks Around the Canadian Rockies in Colour and Black & White3.735.29429.54%2019-02-27
@magicmonk (2019-02-27) [最新CN區作者追隨者人數排名前500名 ] (Updated #cn steemians Top 500 Followers Ranking)0.5971.44658.71%2019-02-27
@rosatravels Tarsus Old Town in Ottoman style, Antakya1.4423.59259.86%2019-02-27
@louisthomas IMF Proposes Negative Interest Rates - EXTREMELY Bullish for Crypto!4.5155.55718.75%2019-02-27
@slowwalker Road to theTemple Jeon Deung Sa in Gang Wha Do Island34.18376.2955.19%2019-02-27
@stackin ✴️ I GOT 2ND PLACE IN STEEM MONSTERS TOURNAMENT!! 🥇 🥈 🥉9.37247.18380.14%2019-02-27
@czechglobalhosts ColorChallenge - Yellow Wednesday - @karma-panorama in 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge!0.2996.14195.13%2019-02-27
@lightsplasher My Actifit Report Card: February 26 20190.2111.43885.33%2019-02-27

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