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Title:2020.5.28 BTC 채굴 현황.

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Vote History

AuthorTitleSBD When VotingCurrent SBDGrowth RateTime
@allmonitors Steemit Philippines Travel and Nature Photography #528 - by Allmonitors1.3831.329-4.06%2020-05-21
@haejin Cohu Inc. (COHU)0.38224.44898.44%2020-05-21
@jack8831 [2020.05.21 기록] 스팀이 뚜벅뚜벅 제 갈 길을 가길 바랍니다0.83.00573.38%2020-05-21
@sigizzang 어제 오랜만에 450원0.45520.14697.74%2020-05-21
@sigizzang 2020/05/20 약속의 PM 110.24219.77598.78%2020-05-21
@stephenkendal The Sanctuary of the Steem Blockchain will always have my back.0.3413.30489.68%2020-05-21
@dollarvigilante Our latest video is live on @LBRYio. "Fake Sky News Report On Mexico City Crematoriums ...3.887.36647.33%2020-05-21
@freedompoint Hiking The Grand Gulf // Stacie D & The Yeti0.0882.63796.66%2020-05-21
@tradingideas [일상] 잘 나가는 카카오2.9134.21730.92%2020-05-21
@liondani For the records... Before and after the HF 23 THEFT...0.3963.30988.03%2020-05-21
@nuoviso Medialer Blackout der Andersdenkenden - Elijah Tee im NuoViso Talk0.0670.50986.84%2020-05-21
@mrosenquist VShield 2020 Cybersecurity Conference0.0050.3198.39%2020-05-21
@tworld 상대적&절대적, Tworld 사전의 밥들 먹자 "RIMINI, 음.. 그냥저냥 파스타"1.3731.53210.38%2020-05-21
@cryptopie I Thought That Steem Would Get Bullish0.7352.43569.82%2020-05-21
@happyworkingmom 초등학생 여름 샌달 추천: 아디다스 키즈샌달 컴포트C0.5312.42995.74%2020-05-21
@davedickeyyall A random act of cannabis0.7353.72480.26%2020-05-21
@milaoz Warm Colors. Flowers Photoshoot1.21519.42893.75%2020-05-21
@stephenkendal I just wanted to clear something up and clarify something so that there is no further misunderstanding.0.3714.61491.96%2020-05-21
@cryptopie We Have A Lot Of Months To Endure Before A Vaccine Is Made For CoViD-190.6361.46556.59%2020-05-21
@freedompoint How To Identify a Venomous (poisonous) Snake // and how I treated a bite4.084.03-1.24%2020-05-21
@gringalicious ✨✨Happy Sunday!✨✨ . . ✨✨I’ve always kind of felt sorry for this classic summertime ...0.7461.83859.41%2020-05-21
@homeartpictures Guten Morgen liebe Freunde und alles Gute zum heutige Vatertag, an alle Väter Weltweit ...0.6521.17344.42%2020-05-21
@mcoinz79 Our Visitor!0.6171.44857.39%2020-05-21
@cryptopie My Intermittent Fasting Works Well For Me To Build-Up My Appetite1.1398.95587.28%2020-05-21
@stephenkendal As Steem continues to develop and grow, I thought I would share with you those Witnesses I am happy to support.0.4043.09586.95%2020-05-21
@progressivechef Zucchini Can't get fresher than this!!!0.180.29138.14%2020-05-21
@tradingideas [스팀몬스터] 카드 판매가 활활~~14.75515.2863.47%2020-05-21
@cjsdns 나팔을 불어라1.89231.05993.91%2020-05-21
@karenmckersie Crazy About Appics!🤪 My Passion Is Always Rewarded In APX Crypto, On The Awesome ...0.1560.54271.22%2020-05-21
@davedickeyyall The Daily Highlight Reel...1.6952.95242.58%2020-05-21
@karenmckersie No Hairdresser? No Problem! 👱Dyed My Own Hair Today For The Appics @appics Stay ...0.3690.69546.91%2020-05-21
@afrog Das Geständnis von Christian Drosten (RKI)0.34911.74397.03%2020-05-21