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Title:I just wanted to clear something up and clarify something so that there is no further misunderstanding.

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@tradingideas [일상] 국내 최초로 암호화폐 자동매매 플랫폼인 시온(SiON) 출시24.52848.52149.45%2020-05-15
@kingscrown Bittrex Down6.42614.82256.65%2020-05-15
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@cryptopie It's My Dialysis I Am Primed And Ready To Go0.4259.00495.28%2020-05-15
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@hilarski Invasion of the Kitties in Casco Antiguo, Panama.1.3952.5845.93%2020-05-15
@karenmckersie May We Always Be A Spring Chicken At Heart...🐥🐣💋 Wow, I can't believe how fast ...0.1491.12586.76%2020-05-15
@lyubovbar City landscape14.45318.96823.8%2020-05-15
@ffcrossculture 瞎逛于林间水边,见一...1.1364.47274.6%2020-05-15
@stephenkendal When looking for a trend, I often strip out the noise and simply use a 365dMA (365 day simple moving average) to determine price movement.2.2173.94243.76%2020-05-15
@cryptopie The storm and our car story5.6529.46240.27%2020-05-15
@nelyp Entre la maleza1.50235.29295.74%2020-05-15
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@hermandadsteem Volver a celebrar en familia5.6927.65725.66%2020-05-15
@stephenkendal We are all our very own Media Company. It's just that most people don't realise it just yet. Promoting Steem as a platform to build a Media Brand on.0.7373.62479.66%2020-05-15
@kaylinart My Actifit Report Card: May 14 20200.1360.38764.86%2020-05-15
@sigizzang MCO카드 드디어 왔습니다.ㅋ2.18122.00890.09%2020-05-15
@anahilarski Cuando el gobierno te dice "utiliza una mascara para salir". 🤩🤓😷 ~~~~~~~~~~~ ...0.0372.04998.19%2020-05-15
@lightsplasher My Actifit Report Card: May 14 20200.1770.66373.3%2020-05-15
@progressivechef Basic food for needy people. Since the start of the Covid19 issue, we have been ...0.1096.98898.44%2020-05-15
@freebornangel What is Gender?7.80910.61326.42%2020-05-15
@steemitblog 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 42 - Country Curators wanted - up to 5000 SP delegations available4.0360-Infinity%2020-05-15
@stephenkendal Steem trades back above the 50dMA and 200dMA. Current Price $0.176052.0.2061.01279.64%2020-05-15
@sirwinchester 📣 APPICS App Updates for enhanced user experience!1.729.22681.36%2020-05-15
@davidpakman Are You Evil For Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils?0.6171.18247.8%2020-05-15
@anahilarski The weather in Panama is bipolar. Sometimes you think it will rain and it get cloudy, ...0.1450.28649.3%2020-05-15
@freedompoint How To Be A Real Content Creator1.1585.93380.48%2020-05-15
@katharsisdrill Olle1.0563.76171.92%2020-05-15
@don-thomas 😎 Water and beach - Wasser und Strand - Agua y playa 😍0.266.51496.01%2020-05-15
@happyworkingmom 엄마의 카페 5만 스파 임대관련 의견수렴0.2887.01295.89%2020-05-15
@stephenkendal As the World continues to stare at what can only be described as an Economy plummeting into a Financial Abyss, what is really happening behind the scenes is a migration to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology.0.172.04391.68%2020-05-15
@hilarski Morning View from Boquete, Panama.0.0782.01196.12%2020-05-15
@raymondspeaks mental health lack of motivation – and how to overcome it0.0260.05250%2020-05-15
@earthcustodians We Are Creating The World8.83511.88725.68%2020-05-15
@alexvan #Rockclassics - Golden Brown2.4455.08951.96%2020-05-15