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Want your post to get upvoted? Timing is everything!

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Do you want to know when to post your best article and maximize your chance to get it upvoted?

Then look at the following charts (all times are UTC )

Best hours to post

This chart summarize all votes received by posts or comments this month.
This shows that to maximize your opportunity to get upvoted, better to post between UTC 12:00 and UTC 20:00 with a top spot around UTC 15:00

Best day to post

This chart use the same data (all upvotes last month by time grouped by weekday), but this time figures are not stacked.

What we see is that the best moments to post you hard worked article are Wednesday between UTC 10:00 and UTC 13:00 and Tuesday between UTC 18:00 and UTC 21:00. You can also try your lock Tuesday or Thursday around UTC 17:30
But Tuesday is definitely the best day send your post to your fellow steemians.

Be careful

Do not forget to check your timezone and adapt the mentioned time-frames to your location.

Hopefully this will help you to grab a better reward.

Thanks for reading!

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Great points. The timing does make a difference!


Thanks! I wish I had followed my own advises :p

good info! thanks

Steem On!

Very interesting observations. Just got to work out my new own nation's time zone now.



Your first chart - the vertical axis is number of votes? I'd really like to see average post reward (or something equivalent) as a function of time posted. I've been noticing that there are dramatically more posts published during the North American day than at other times. I mean like maybe 20x more. This could mean that during the North American day, there is a significant drain on the reward pool, and that posts pay out more on average at night. I don't know enough about the reward pool to know if this is reasonable, but it would be easy enough to plot it.

Reply here if you plot it!


Yes, vertical axis is number of votes.
I will create a chart with post timing. Stay tuned.

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Thank you so much for very valuable information. I'm relatively new to the Steemit (from december) and work hard to get to the point where people would notice my work. I am completely aware that it needs time and patience. That is why I'll perfect my posts and time it right. I appreciate the kind gesture!


Very informative post. In my opinion, In as much as this time zone is a fact, Some bloggers might want to consider their niche.

Example, A blogger that blogs about photography should consider the fact that photographers, especially event photographers work more on weekends covering wedding and Thanksgiving events and may spend time sorting the pictures.

This is not really the same for civil servants or workers that work during the week days.

In essence, one should be conversant with the interconnecting culture of the niche he or she is blogging about.