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Station Coin is a new cryptocurrency that decentralizes through P2P blockchain technology. All transactions are passed through Blockchain data which are fast, accurate, and secure. Our goal is to make Station Coin the main asset to global money exchange. The process of Station Coin using trade through exchanges is possible. In the future, Station Coins will be used in daily purchases, such as goods and other services.

Project in year 2018

  1. Shopping online A decentralized platform Shopping (complete)
  2. STS connect Coffee Use stationcoin Pay in Connect coffee (complete)
    3.P2P Exchange and General Exchange Cryptocurrency same binance (In process)
  3. Game Blockchain A decentralized platform game on blockchain (In process)
  4. Auto Robot (AI) A decentralized platform auto trade crypto Currency in exchange (In process)
  5. E-COMMERCE APP Add product in App shoppingMall.Auto promote by system (In process)

Website :
Algorithm : Scrypt
Maximum amount: 500,000,000,000
POW Block Reward: 1000 STS
Block Spacing: 2 minutes
Stake Age: 7 day 60% / month



File :
Windows Wallet :



Google Play

Youtube StationCoin Channel

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