Lordless: Be a Bounty Hunter

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  • For some time now, i have been searching for that game that will see me controlling and ruling over my base. They are host of them when searching but i must say, Lordless has caught my attention. I am really pleased to my brother after he introduced me to this great gaming Dapp.

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  • In case you hearing about Lordless for the first time, i will take my time to educate you guys on how it works.

  • LORDLESS is a fantasy game built on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is currently occupying number 26th in the list of the state of the dapps. This game is built by LORDLESS TEAM with Software license Apache-2.0. It was submitted to the Ethereum blockchain on the 19th of November, 2018 and later was updated on the 31st of January, 2019. This game places you as an overlordship over your terrain. You are to govern your territory/base and at same time, recruit bounty hunters, send them on quests, and reap the rewards.


You can also pay bounty hunter to complete the quests and get the rewards. The choice is gladly yours.

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  • HOST

The host posts a quest to reach the desired goal. In the world of LORDLESS, the Quest host is the publisher of all quests and the provider of all quest rewards.


  • Tavern master

The owner of a tavern is the Tavern master. Once you become a master, you get the right to buy and sell the tavern, as well as take the cut of rewards.


  • Bounty hunter

Bounty hunters can take the quests posted by the host in different taverns. When they complete the quest, the bounty hunter will reap a corresponding reward.


How to Play

  • As the ruler of your base, you have to make sure all necessary things are in place to keep your base running. You will journey in search of bounty and along the line, you will embark in various task which will help to see you racking in more and more rewards. There is always a reward in whatsoever quest part that you choose to follow. The ultimate goal is to become the Tavern Master while hunting for quest.

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  • It could have been a review with no dislike assuming my support ticket issue was attended to. I had an issue with my account then, it took time before it was attended to, was wondering if it was limited customers service or there was laid off also. Any way, i haven't had an issue ever since, will be testing the support team once again.


  • One good thing about this great dapp is that it splits the token distribution capacities of the platform creatively and injects the capacity into assets. This asset has real life value when been compared to other gaming dapps.


  • Before now, we have spent a lot of time playing game that aren't rewarding, Lordless has helped to ensure that such mentality changes. With Lordless, your time, attention and moment are all worth it. I will recommend it to all gamers out there to have a taste of it. It is fun knowing fully well there is reward for all hard work and effort.
  • for more info

Official site

Disclaimer: The content of this post is not intended as a financial advice, please observe to do your own research.

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very nice dApp.