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RE: Decentraland - Monetizing Contents In The Virtual World [review]

Funny story - i accidentally bought some MANA when I thought I was buying MANNA a while back - so I was planning on reviewing this myself, but having looked at it and noticed that the cheapest parcels of land cost around 2 ETH (it might be more!) it put me off, so I opted for reviewing steemmonsters instead, which I know much more about and has a much lower entry point.

A question you might be able to answer - is it possible to sell your digital creations without owning land? I can't imagine every spending 2 ETH on a plot of land.

Nice review, best of luck with the competition!


Lol. That's a very funny story. You buy cryptocurrencies by accident? Well, you can hodl and sell it later.

About the price of a parcel of land, you can also monetize it and get far more than what you bought it when you build 3D virtual structures on it.

For me, the higher the stakes, the better.

To answer your question, the digital creations will have to be done on the VR land. That's what the platform is all about. Decentraland - "Decentralized Land".

Thanks for coming around buddy

there will be options to rent parcels and also a marketplace for 3d items for the world and avatars, you won't need to own LAND to participate.

This is great. When are we going to expect the option of renting parcels of land? Also, what will be the price of renting as compared to the price of buying?

We have a LAND pool initiative in place at the moment which is testing the ability to do rentals. Decentraland don't set the prices of LAND for sale or rent as it is a secondary market.

One more question:
Is Decentraland an open source project? Is it hosted on Github?
Thanks a lot

This is cool. Thanks for the response

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