Looking for the most convenient and easiest place to earn and invest,fret not because the blockchain is the best place to be.Blockchain technology is like a nectar and we are the insects,we are attracted to its juice that drips goodness on the daily.The most exciting thing about the blockchain is the different mansion built on its land called dapp.As a decentralized platform it is,it has brought lots of improvement in our ecosystem.Although it takes time and dedication but the reward is bountiful.

The introduction of dapps has open doors for a lot of games to be be born and this helps usher in lots of passionate gamers who are now investors in the community.Game is a thing of flexibility , it has no denomination nor restriction. It serves as a common ground for people to come together and share there personal interest in a bid for a common goal.This is where one of the coolest dapp on the blockchain comes in, it is formerly called Steemmonsters but now known as Splinterlands.

Founded by Aggroed and Yabapmatt in 2018, Steemmonsters is a decentralized dapp built on the steem blockchain and it's ranking 10 on the stateofthedapps list.It is a virtual game with multiple players which involves cards.This game is centered around the players building their team of cards which entails different stats and abilities which is in turn used to battle other players in skill based matches.The good thing about its decentralized state is that players can own their cards by either trading or selling them without the control of any centralized company or entity.

In other for you to get in this game, your first stop is to purchase the starter cards which contains 30 different cards that will enable you start playing the game and then you can start buying additional booster pack which cost 2$ or these cards individually to build your team.


  • Buy: This is where you buy your booster card either with crypto, credit card or paypal.

  • Open: This is where you get to have a look at the cards you bought or where gifted.

  • Market: This is the point of sale for the cards you might be needing.This is the original Steemmonsters market where all cards are sold on the dapp.

  • Faq: Every dapp has its frequently asked question and Steemmonsters is not left behind.

  • Collection: Here you can see your card collections.The whole cards you own in one space and their stats and abilities.

  • Tournaments:This feature was created to bring more excitement to the game by bringing more players together to battle for a common goal which is stated in price which can either be

  • Battle: This is the arena at which the fight takes place.This is the section where you either:
  • practice: Here you learn to sharpen your skill.
  • ranked: The real battle is here for you to win and level up.
  • challenge: This is where you can challenge a friend to test your cards skills and ability.
  • how to play: This is your guide to the game which leads us to the next stage.


  • Cards type
    Summoner: This is a powerful card lord who uses its power to summon the monster cards.

    Monster: These are the ones who do the actual fighting and they are the creatures called forth by the

  • Rarity: We have the :

  • Foil:
    Gold Foil
    All this can be differentiated by their colours and abilities.

In this category we have 4 types :
The Beta: This can be categorised as a normal card
The Alpha: This can be said to be more powerful than the beta card and can also be converted into the beta card.This kind of card are cheap compared to the beta card in the market.
Promo: These are tagged promotional cards
Reward: These are cards given at the end of each quest played on the daily.The come in as a gift after a hard earned battle.

Splinters:They are divided into 6
Fire, water, earth, life, death and dragon.


  • STATS: It is called the core attributes of each card character.Under this stats we have:
  1. Attack which is subdivided into 3:
    Melee attack:killing the enemy up close and personal.
    Ranged attack: They are best used from afar, they are the point and kill characters.
    Magic Attack: This are the assassins, they don't miss like the other attacks.They hit with their fire directly and deadly.

  2. Speed: Any card with this stat has a chance of evading attacks from melee and ranged cards.

  3. Armor: This guides the enemy from harm if the amore is not depleted.

4.Health: This is the life of every card on a battlefield,once the health hits zero, the card character dies.


This cards have so many abilities which some of them are:
Blast,shield,dodge,Enrage,Heal,Tank Heal,Inspire,Life Leech,Magic,Flying,Poison,Protect among so many others.


Each battle is unique with different rules and mana caps.

  • Mana cost(Cap): Means the total amount of card mana you can use in the battle.The powerful your cards are the higher the mana is.

This league is related to the season of the game,the higher your rank in a season the higher your league.Each season goes on for 14 days and a half and the league contains 3 level ranking from iii to i, i been the highest of each league you find yourself. This league is the major determinant of your reward card at the end of the season. We have Novice (iii-i),Silver (iii-i), Gold (iii-i),Diamond(iii-i) and the highest which is champion (iii-1).

I don't like the fact that without money you can;t enjoy the game.It is enjoyable for the investors.
I also do not like the fact that irrespective of your ability as a good player the card with the highest level still get to win.

With all the games we have on the blockchain, I would say this is the best of them all and I love everything about it from the loading of the page to the buying of the cards, everything was well thought out by the team.

I will be rating this dapp 5/5 for their uniqueness and thoughtfulness.