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The blockchain has been around for awhile now and it is still very much new and complex to some extent.The main purpose if its existence is to provide income for people and hereby make cryptocurrency another valuable means of investing and earning.In relation to finance, blockchain has so many diverse platform in the sense that you not only trade your tokens alone you can also perform the business of been a lender or secure loans to aid your financial goal.

With this venture,lots off dapps are existing to showcase this part of blockchain and today I bring to you OmiseGo.

Ranking second(2nd) on the finance list of stateofthedapps,Omisego also known as the OMG Network is an open source decentralized exchange built on the Ethereum based financial technology.It is a subsidiary of omise holdings and the only one focused on blockchain technology.It was founded by Jun Hasegawa as an exchange that focuses on high volume and low cost financial service provider.It is said to be the answer to the problem generating among payment processors, gateways, financial and non financial institutions.

White-Label SDK: When you build an app with SDK, it allows you wallet to wallet transactions of both crypto and fiat currencies with benefits like game credits, loyalty points and others.

Digital Asset Gateway: You can use the OMG Network to access, manage and transact other assets kept securely on the blockchain.

Decentralized Exchange:Allows peer to peer exchange through scalable and secure proof-of-stake.

Clearinghouse:With the use of Ethereum smart contracts and protocol consensus, this provides a secure and faster transaction.

Apart from having the best team that are passionate about the blockchain,OmiseGo is providing users with :

Regulating and compliance: By following all due diligence, omiseGo is not just providing better solutions for people but also ensures full protection to the users.

Accessibility: They are making the platform seamless and smooth especially with the users been able to connect their digital wallet to the public OMG network. This will ease transaction details from any digital asset including crypto and fiats currencies, due to the fact that the platform is an open source project and a white label SDK.

Integration: Making the interface smooth and easy for users by providing simple solutions for the operations of the network.

Security: The connection to the Ethereum blockchain gives extra security to the omiseGo wallet.

This platform gives people the freedom and flexibility required to conduct commerce trading under different networks. The omiseGo system can accept or exchange almost any crypto a user holds that is users are open to unlimited accepted capabilities.

OmiseGo is out to improve peoples lives through their transformation of finance and digital commerce by giving them authority and control over their financial resources and a stake in the way the network itself is been operated.

[OmiseGo] ( official token is called OMG and this can be stored in a standard Ethereum wallet like mist, parity among others.This is possible because it is an ERC20 Ethereum token.They are currently developing a customised wallet called SDK which will allow users personalise their wallet and also integrate it into the OMG network.

Time waits for no man so does technology and OmiseGo are taking their time to check out the flaws other platform has to make their own unique.They are around to solve the challenges faced by individuals by providing a platform that will serve as a place for value exchange.
I will rate them 4.5/5 for taking time to investigate what their competitors are doing wrong and looking for means to right these wrongs.