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RE: Reviewing Steemmonsters | Join the Splinterlands

in #stateofthedapps2 years ago

Nice review! Nothing fishy....

... I never have the problem of lack of players to match against! You must be competing in much higher leagues than I am... I usually make it to Gold 3 (the lowest gold...).


Thank you! No, you can be sure when I write something that it's from my hand, don't worry that I will be giving you extra work hehe..

I play in Diamond 1 at the moment, almost reached Champion 3 earlier today, but then I lost a few (and then you fall back pretty quickly in the higher leagues) so now trying to fight back up.. I also had it when I fell back into Gold 1 (the screenshot was made at that time) not long after the season started. I struggled a lot to finish the quests in Diamond the first days, so I let myself fall back into Gold, but the same issue with not enough players.. Today I haven't seen it though..

Ha, I hope I don't meet you in Gold! I think I'd get stomped...

Lol, that's possible.. Once you reached a higher league and you fall back to a lower one, you are still able to use the cards at the level of the higher league :)

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