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Hello wonderful people, how are you all doing, i trust you all are having a great time. This is another opportunity to review a dapp
I will be reveiwing the geon dapp

Visit location and get paid


The geon app allows you to collect coin for visiting cool locations.
There are over 1.5 million geons all over the world and you can withdraw coin from each of them, not only that, you can create your own geon.

What else

Once you get your own coin, you can exchange them for rewards in app geon store

Rewards like:

1) Paypal gifts
2) netflix vouchers
3) steam gift cards
4) random steam gift

Mouth watering, isn't it, sure it is, but there are many more coming.

Geon network is paying you to go out and discover new places, it's that easy, any physical location you go to and there is geon there you get paid, of course, that us after you have registered.

Hello business men and women, this particular point is for you, " businesses can use geon to attract people to their venue and pay for their attention"

A geon is a reality object that can be created by anyone in the real world, using the geon app. After creation geon can distribute geon coin to nearby people if they satisfactorily meet the condition set the the particular creator of that geon.

This was one i was creating a while ago.

There are various conditions which you can add to each geon

1) length of presence near the geon
2) survey, this is most useful for business users
3) range, (closeness to the geon)
4) password( if you want a particular person to access your geon


1) download the app from playstore or visit their website
2) register: you will see something like this
Click on register
3) look for a nearby geon and get near it
4) withdraw coin
5) cash cool rewards
Thats all

Furthermore geon technology can be used in different ways

  1. Games
  2. Brand awareness
  3. Fun
  4. Location based marketing
  5. Impact charity

You can simply create the most popular geon to climb to the top of the ranking.
There is reward for the most popular geons and the most geominers,


Is the mechanisms that allows users to be rewarded for their presence and engagement at a specific real world location of a geon


Geon app connect you to making money online. While also discovering new places
It creates an entirely new to transfer funds , play outdoor games, while actually making money.


Not too many people have had of geon which is bad

To download geo app visit

Get geon today and start making your money while having fun