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State of the Arts Steemit Promotion

"It has been an incredible month of sharing and promoting steemit on other platforms with visual and performing art!"

Note to the viewer

We're a community of creatives and innovators that have come together to harness ideation and the arts for the benefit of steemit and beyond. This month long initiative we called March Art Madness invited greater awareness and new members to steemit.

We now present these fantastic arts, efforts, and ideas to the general steemit community and through you to even more reach beyond. So, judge your favorites below, resteem, repost, and invite the outside to come and see what steemit has to offer.

Judging Instructions | It's simple | Select your favorite choices from below

• Just go down to the "Reply" section
• Push the first "Reply" button and tell us your favorites
• Describe your top 3 or top 10
• The finalists are numbered below on this post

That's it. Judging lasts through all day Thursday, April 5, 2018; US Pacific Time. We'll tally the totals and update this post periodically from the "Replies" given below on this thread.

By supporting steemit and these amazing creatives, you automatically help everyone on this platform and give more awareness to people on the outside. If you vote for one place only, your vote equals 3 points for the artist in the contest. If you vote for ten places, your first place vote = 10 points; Second place vote = 9 points; Third place vote = 8 points; etc. to tenth place vote which equals 1 point.

Note to whales

Are you a whale out there with goodwill and vision?

If you are and can give a little "love" (whitelist for example?) there's a lot of people here that say thank you in advance for your good will and generosity. Thank you greatly! You're a person who cares about worthwhile causes (in this case promoting steemit itself), can catch the vision, and reach out as we have done and yet do in our own way.

On first glance at our community you might ask, "Why should I even care?" You may just see an arts-sharing minnow front and center, and miss the significance of what we're doing here. For instance, during the process of this month-long March Art Madness initiative before your eyes we have raised awareness for decentralization, promoted outside of this platform, and brought in people to steemit. All of this benefits you of course, but so many others too.

Sketch by @stevenfletcher

We are a community that has come together with a common interest to harness the power of creative prowess, the arts, and innovation for the benefit of the steemit community at large; but also far beyond. This initiative is evidence of our potential. So please don't let the first impressions of art-sharing fool you. That's the daily, weekly, monthly work to nurture an innovative community that can do this.

For one, think of what it would have cost steemit to pay to advertise to the public like this. It has taken countless human work hours to do the intellectual property on display before you, bring it to bear in benefit of steemit, the steemit community at large, and focus it upon getting word out about the potential of block chain in general. And make no mistake, it takes a lot of human-hours to nurture a community that can come together to promote a cause like you see before you with this quality.

"It is truly amazing what is happening here.
And it couldn't be possible if it weren't for a real community with people behind the scenes that give sincere direction. I couldn't be more thankfull for what's happening... It seems small for people who don't know any details but you know, we know ...WHAT IS GOING ON"


Dear whale with influence, a little "love" and support to lift a minnow (with potential) will be appreciated by many a fish in this school mobilized to elevate things and serve causes here and beyond.

Note to participating artists

Let us know by commenting on this thread by the end of Friday, March 30, 2018 Pacific Time, if you're an actively participating artist and have not yet been moved into the "Finalists' Pool" below.

You get into the finalists' pool below by voting for your second and third place favorites of the initiative. (Or better yet, vote for your 2nd-10th places.) That also brings the piece you voted for into the finalists' pool (if it isn't there yet). You receive one first place vote (10 points) for yourself when you vote for at least two.

Time to start sharing those accomplishments with all "the world". So post your success stories to the feed below. Inform us of the external "views" and "likes" earned and the accomplishments of steemit exposure. Share your personal success stories. Did a friend join steemit because of your post? Did people ask you about steemit? How did the initiative work for you? Were people interested? We want to hear your story.

Sharing Steemit through Visual and Performing Arts

State of the Arts External Initiative

As creatives who came up with some absolutely incredible ideas for March Art Madness in order to promote steemit on the outside, you've brought new awareness and participants to the platform. Not the least of which, we've seen several of our own friends and associates come in to give it a try.

We feel the Steemit blockchain is providing one of the coolest opportunities for people. It is still young and there are of course some kinks that they are working through. But, a decentralized platform where people can get paid and recognized for their work directly can potentially benefit people around the world in so many ways. It can build opportunity, create vision, and problem solve across all disciplines.

This is the vision that we have seen with Steemit, and that we are trying to promote. We've all shown a glimpse of what's possible. This is the reason for the contest, to help others realize how great Steemit really can be, and how it can be impactful. Building the greatest decentralized artist/creative community or "guild" is our goal.

As artists and community at large become more active on the platform it will naturally draw attention. The platform will continue to grow as people begin to see success and have their work recognized better than elsewhere (instagram, youtube, etc). This is a huge problem for social media right now, and Steemit offers a potential answer.

Hopefully this contest has encouraged you to be active on steemit, and encouraged you to follow and upvote your fellow steemians. Imagine if instead of "liking" a piece of artwork on instagram or facebook you could upvote their work and they could receive steem for their hard work. This would allow people to continue to produce quality content that YOU enjoy. Support each other. Be active. Help create the greatest decentralized platform on the internet.

Announcement of Winners Begins on Friday, April 6, 2018. Voting extends until then.

There's still time to vote. Select your favorites and tell us below.

There's still time to select your favorites until the winners are announced.

Extra Judging Details and Minutia

See numbered entries in the finalists' pool below.

Finalists, you also vote. To the general steemit public, if you vote for one place only, your vote equals 3 points. If you vote for 10, a first place vote is worth 10 points (There will be 10 winners); A second place vote is worth 9 points; A third place vote is worth 8 points; A forth place vote is worth 7 points; A firth place vote is worth 6 points; A sixth place vote is worth 5 points; A seventh place vote is worth 4 points; an eighth place vote is worth 3 points; a night place vote is worth 2 points; A tenth place vote is worth 1 point.

For an even larger selection of entrants, you may like to see the comments sections in these links:

Week 4: You're here now in the week 4 thread.

Week 3: http://steemit.com/steemit/@stateofthearts/march-art-madness-or-photographers-videographers-musicians-or-usd500-prize-pool-or-promote-steemit-with-art

Weel 2: http://steemit.com/stateofthearts/@stateofthearts/march-art-madness-week-2

Week 1: http://steemit.com/art/@stateofthearts/march-art-madness-contest-usd500-prize-pool

Remember we are creating the greatest most connected artist and creative community on social media. People should be excited to join Steemit and join what has become an awesome linked community here. We have had a blast looking through all the submissions and artwork. We hope you had a good time upvoting, sharing, and commenting on your fellow steemians submissions as well. Hopefully you even made a few new friends here on steemit.

There are incredible creatives on Steemit and we have a great community here at State of the Arts. Lets keep sharing this with all photographers, musicians, videographers, artists and link creatives on the greatest decentralized social media platform in the world.

Finalist Pool

In order to vote, use these entrants' numbers below.

(If you want to promote an participant to this finalists' pool, comment below and link to the creative's submission. To peruse all of the submission, see the links to weeks 1-4 above. • Based on your votes, the finalist's pool will continue to grow until Friday, March 30, 2018)

Performing Arts

Finalist #.007 • life-on-earth

Click to listen (and then click again on the image with the arrow): http://steemit.com/music/@life-on-earth/expressing-with-music-self-made-song-boss-rc-50-loopstation-keyboard-alt-saxophone-and-voice-recorded-with-phone-easytechnology
By life-on-earth

Total points so far: 35
SOA points so far: 10
Peer points so far: 4
Voting participation: 10
Public vote points so far: 11

Finalist #.010 • spawnband

Click to listen: http://steemit.com/dsound/@spawnband/20180319t164005014z-march-art-madness--lunatics-by-spawn
By spawnband

Total points so far: 49
Public vote points so far: 20
Peer points so far: 9
Voting participation: 10
SOA points so far: 10

Finalist #.014 • gypsymoon

Click to listen (and then click again on the image with the arrow): http://steemit.com/stateofthearts/@gypsymoon/soar
By gypsymoon

Total points so far: 39
SOA points so far: 10
Public vote points so far: 5
Voting participation: 20
Peer votes: 4

Creative Prowess • Media

Finalist #.006 • imaginalex

By imaginalex

Total points so far: 16
Public vote points so far: 4
SOA points and activity so far: 5
Per vote points so far: 7

Finalist #.009 • stevenwood

Poem by stevenwood

I've had some fun, I've met good friends, I hold in high esteem...
Upon this awesome platform on the blockchain they call STEEM.
I've even earned some crypto, for sharing things I see,
For upvoting mates, rewards are great, that come to you and me.

My content here is valued, not stolen by the owners.
Not censored or demonetized, by trolls and hacks and moaners.
We're all in this together, decentralized of course.
Here, we can air our views, without shouting ourselves hoarse.

Do you have some knowledge?, a passion in a niche?
Steemit pays you well for it, see what I mean, Capiche?
You could earn a little or you could make a tonne.
Just writing down your musings to share with everyone.

I think I found my calling, I'll retire, earning STEEM.
Of all the social platforms, I have found the winning team.
It didn't cost a thing to join, in week one, I earned a remit.
I'm so happy that I found this site, I BLOODY LOVE MY STEEMIT!

Total points so far: 54
SOA points and activity so far: 10
Peer vote points so far: 6
Voting participation: 20
Public vote points: 18

Finalist .011 • seenitallfilms

By seenitallfilms

Total points so far: 49
Peer vote points: 19
Voting participation: 10
Public vote points: 10
SOA points: 10

Finalist #.016 • miguelguacamaya2

By miguelguacamaya2

Total points: 15
Vote participation: 5
Public: 10

Visual Arts

Finalist #.001 • jeeuuzz

By jeeuuzz

Total points so far: 53
Public vote points so far: 19
Peer vote points: 19
Voting participation: 5
SOA points so far: 10

Finalist #.002 • libramedia

By libramedia

Total points so far: 33
Vote points from peers so far: 7
Public vote points so far: 8
Voting participation: 8
SOA points so far: 10

Finalist #.003 • kathleenscarboro

By kathleenscarboro

Total points so far: 67
Peer votes so far: 29
Voting participation: 4
Public vote points so far: 34

Finalist #.004 • jonatftforest

By jonatftforest

Total points so far: 69
Vote points from peers: 30
SOA points: 10
Voting participation: 20
Public vote points so far: 9

Finalist #.005 • jonatftforest

By jonatftforest

Total points so far: 49
Public vote points so far: 19
SOA points: 10
Voting participation: 20

Finalist #.012 • matytan

By matytan

Total points so far: 82
Peer votes so far: 26 points
SOA points and activity: 10
Public vote points: 15
Voting participation: 10

Finalist #.015 • mcgrafite


Total votes so far: 13
Public votes so far: 5
Peer votes so far: 8

Finalist #.016 • jmvanbreda


Total votes so far: 13
Peer votes so far: 5
Public votes so far: 5
Vote participation: 3

Finalist #.017


FInalist #.018


Finalist #.019


Finalist #020


End Finalists' Pool

Reply and vote below

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first is #.007 • life-on-earth=10 points
second is #.015 • mcgrafite=9 points
third is #.005 • jonatftforest=8 points
fourth is #.004 • jonatftforest=7 points
fifth is #.019=6 points
sixth is #.016 • miguelguacamaya2=5 points
seventh is #.018=4 points
eight is #.003 • kathleenscarboro=3 points
ninth is #.016 • jmvanbreda=2 points
tenth is #.012 • matytan=1 point

My vote is for @Matytan

Thank you :D.

=3 points

Here are my choices:
First is #.010 March of the MAM Lunatics
Second is #.004 The owl sculpture
Third is #.003 Beyond the Known Universe
Fourth is #. .009 Time for Change (Poem)
Fifth is #.002 Tiger
Sixth is #.001 Steemit Graphic illustration
Seventh is #.007 Life on Earth
Eighth is #.015 • mcgrafite
Ninth #.016 • jmvanbreda
Tenth is #.016 • miguelguacamaya2

First is #.010 March of the MAM Lunatics = 10 points
Second is #.004 The owl sculpture = 9 points
Third is #.003 Beyond the Known Universe = 8 points
Fourth is #. .009 Time for Change (Poem) = 7 points
Fifth is #.002 Tiger = 6 points
Sixth is #.001 Steemit Graphic illustration = 5 points
Seventh is #.007 Life on Earth = 4 points
Eighth is #.015 • mcgrafite = 3 points
Ninth #.016 • jmvanbreda = 2 points
Tenth is #.016 • miguelguacamaya2 = 1 point

A big thank you @stateofthearts for holding this contest. I am honored to be a finalist


Thanks for the amazing art sharing.

You are most welcome, I have much more to share

thanks man!

Thanks for the vote!

Thanks so much :-)

Thanks for the vote :)


One Day!!! I will be a Whale! Mark My Words Steemit! My Art and Mind Shall Triumph!


HAHA. Nice job from one Steven to another.

I think it sums up how we all feel here, right?

Best of luck :)

Bro @stevenwood It's been confirmed several decades ago that the Stevens are Definitely Going to take over the world! I think we are the only subjects that get along in this huge maze of chaos! Blessup Bro! From One Steven to another! Thanks!

This is fun, @stevenfletcher!

Thank You! @stateofhearts ! Hey Give me a short phrase one day and ill make another one! It is fun to do!


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I choose...

1st place: .007 life-on-earth
2nd place: .004 jonatftforest
3rd place: .010 spawnband
4th place: .003 kathleenscarboro
5th place: .002 libramedia
6th place: .014 gypsymoon
7th place: .006 imaginealex


That's awesome, thanks for voting!

1st place: .007 life-on-earth = 10 points
2nd place: .004 jonatftforest = 9 points
3rd place: .010 spawnband = 8 points
4th place: .003 kathleenscarboro = 7 points
5th place: .002 libramedia = 6 points
6th place: .014 gypsymoon = 5 points
7th place: .006 imaginealex = 4 points

Thank you for your vote :)

Although my upvote is small I am happy to share it with you.

Hi, hope it's not too late to participate in this interesting contest! Here is my entry

Soon I´ll share here the publication I´ve posted in Facebook!! Good luck to everyone!

Promoted to the finalists' pool.


I´ve shared this gif in Facebook to promote the use of steemit.

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-01 a las 1.22.27.png

Thanks a lot!

👍 Excceptional

thank you for mention me.

I saw your profile and i liked your other works more than the one you submited for the contest. Hope my vote helps.

Thank you again :D

Gracias compai!

1 @miguelguacamaya2 = 10 points
2 @spawnband = 9 points
3 @jmvanbreda = 8 points
4 @jonatftforest = 7 points
5 @kathleenscarboro = 6 points
6 @mcgrafite = 5 points
7 @matytan = 4 points
8 @jeeuuzz = 3 points
9 @libramedia = 2 points
10 @life-on-earth = 1 point

Thanks for the vote :)

I particularly liked the piece from @seenitallfilms which clearly took a LONG time.

I loved the cute little pic from @Matytan. Despite the fact that she kept it simple, that cute lil pirate guy could be a Steem ambassador as he is full of character.

WELL DONE to you both :)

Promoting them both to the finalists pool now!!

Thank you, and yes it did ahaha!

You are super welcome.

I loved the effort and time that went into it and yup I am listening to Undercover Hippy again now that I re-looked through your post LoL.

Best of luck :)

Hahahahah! The undercover hippy! You would not believe the story behind how I discovered him.
I was at work in a broken down car we use as a prop, and I noticed a festival pass for the undercover hippy at Glastonbury. I wondered what it was for months. I walked into my bands kitchen, they had a sticker on their washing machine. I asked what it was, they said a band, so I googled it and found out I knew that song and had been looking for it for years!
So I contacted him and asked him how tf his car ended up in my work place (miles from where he's based). he put a Facebook post out, and it turns out a band he played with, their guitarist worked for us and gave us the car, and the band she's in, I'm going to Portugal with the frontman. it's a small world, it's crazy how it all linked together

CRAZY indeed, but things like that make me wonder if something else is at work...

Destiny, fate, coincidence, not sure what to name it, but I think many times things happen for a very distinct and specific reason.

Hope your day is EPIC

Yep ahaha, the universe has it's ways, thank you and you!

Thank you :)

You are very welcome.

That cute little pirate deserves a prize, you are VERY talented.

Good luck :)

you too good luck <3.

1 seenitallfilms = 9 peer points
2 Matytan = 8 peer points

Thank you so much!

= 3 points

Although my upvote is small I am happy to share it with you.

  1. Finalist #.010 (@spawnband)

Oweee! Thanks so much for voting SPAWN!

= 3 points

These are all great! I'm going for 0.11 @seenitallfilms because that has some very useful tips, also I love the chainsaw carved dragon it's pretty incredible.


@phialsubstance thank you

= 3 points

I stumbled across this - too late - on a friends wall. I put you in my follow list, hoping there will be more in future where I can participate.

Yes, we're working on several more initiatives for the near future. We'll start with a smaller one to get going again in about a month.

I like it Finalist #.012 by @matytan

thank you :)

= 3 points

I really like Finalist #.001 or @jeeuuzz artwork because it promotes the steemit community. For me, the concept is cool since it shows various elements that represents certain categories of the community. Overall, the artwork is unique, fascinating, neat and clean.

@matnana wow! thanks Man! thank you for the support and appreciating my work! Godbless you

= 3 points

Heres another entry @stateofthearts
It was a very popular post the other day,

Shared it to Facebook and brought much more awareness to the platform than last time. See here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10214141043152620&id=1609603282
A screenshot if you can't see likes or comments
Then made the daily top ten most popular posts on Steemit (for newcomers)and shared my accomplishment again on Facebook, see here:

Hope this helps, will continue to spread awareness of this fantastic platform. Thank you



i like Finalist #.012 by @matytan

cats for the win

Thank you :D

= 3 points

i like Finalist #.012 by @matytan

cats for the win

thank you :)

= 3 points

nice to see the post.although im a new on steemit.its like me unconcious to comment but i do.thanks for sharing

👍 Now problem. What are your favorites @abedinsun ?

finalist #.001 i like most.

Thank You brother! Follwing you is the thing I can repay you.

OOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG, Too cute, She's a pirate kitty Arrrrrrrrr...Meow.......... Jey....... <3 <3 sooo cute. Matytan is the best. I Love Finalist #.012 by @matytan

Thank youuuu :D

= 3 points.

Finalist #.012 @matytan completely killed it . No other place my vote can go.

Thank you :D

= 3 points.

hhahhahaah tyty

A sea of creativity, amazing! Here's my vote:
1- #.015 • @mcgrafite
2- #.007 • @life-on-earth
3- #.014 • @gypsymoon
4- #.003 • @kathleenscarboro
5- #.009 • @stevenwood
6- #.005 • @jonatftforest
7- #.002 • @libramedia
8- #.017 • @artbyclark
9- #.016 • @jmvanbreda
10- #.010 • @spawnband

Vote 1- #.015 • @mcgrafite worth 10 points
Vote 2- #.007 • @life-on-earth worth 9 points
Vote 3- #.014 • @gypsymoon worth 8 points
Vote 4- #.003 • @kathleenscarboro worth 7 points
Vote 5- #.009 • @stevenwood worth 6 points
Vote 6- #.005 • @jonatftforest worth 5 points
Vote 7- #.002 • @libramedia worth 4 points
Vote 8- #.017 • @artbyclark worth 3 points
Vote 9- #.016 • @jmvanbreda worth 2 points
Vote 10- #.010 • @spawnband worth 1 point

Thank you so much!

nice art

👍 What are your favorites?

I'd like to vote for Finalist #.012 • @matytan

Her dedication, skill and attention to detail are to be applauded.
I'm a musician and songwriter and a very frustrated artist! although I've been trying to draw for a few months, I really enjoy the therapeutic process.
@matytan Is to her art as I am to my music - dedicated and full of ideas for my next creation.
So, @matytan get's my vote.

Thank youuuuu so much <3

Worth 3 points.

I like finalist #.012 @matytan. Great job on the steem coins and bitcoins inside the treasure chest. The art shows how she promoted Steemit as a treasure that is yet to be discovered by the mainstream population :)

Thank you :D

= 3 points

Thank you for myself and all the other artists involved. Let us all support each other. I have shared this post on Linkedin and Twitter.

love number 3

.003 = 9 peer points



I've worked out my top 5 so far...this judging lark is harder and more time consuming than it seems haha.

Also I'm a little hesitant to "laminate it" so to speak, because more entries may come in by 30th.



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To find out how I decide who to up vote please READ THIS

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Wow amazing! My votes go to 1#007, 2#003 and 3th#016


.007 = 5 points
.003 = 4 points
.016 = 3 points

@stateofthearts this is my final entry for the contest,
And its external link.
While I did not get much traction on my pieces in the groups, I utilized other tactics in order to get people interested.
Lastly, I have been swamped with work so I have not been able to look through all the entries, but will be back on before the deadline to cast my votes!
Thanks again for this contest and good luck everyone!!!
Peace! :)


Hope I'm not too late. Here are my votes! #stateofthearts
01- @ascendedmonkey
02- @kathleenscarboro (oil painting)
03- @jonatftforest (dragon sculpture)
04- @libramedia (tiger)
05- @mcgrafite (graphite illustration)
06- @jeeuuzz (graphic design)
07- @stevenwood (poem)
08- @imaginalex (gif)
09- @matytan (steemit pirate kitty)
10- @artbyclark (anime timelapse)

I would also like to raise awareness about @art-universe. He's a self-taught artist on here with incredible talent who seems to have hit a rough spell. I tried to get him to join the contest but no such luck.
Hopefully, my comment helps get him the recognition he deserves.

Thank you for the note :)

But ofc! Your kitty was adorbz and I love cats... :3

01- @ascendedmonkey = vote points
02- @kathleenscarboro (oil painting) = 9 points
03- @jonatftforest (dragon sculpture) = 8 points
04- @libramedia (tiger) = 7 points
05- @mcgrafite (graphite illustration) = 6 points
06- @jeeuuzz (graphic design) = 5 points
07- @stevenwood (poem) = 4 points
08- @imaginalex (gif) = 3 points
09- @matytan (steemit pirate kitty) = 2 points
10- @artbyclark (anime timelapse) = 1 points

Yus! That's spot on! :3
Thank you for clarifying that for everyone.


Not too late. Announcement of winners will begin on Friday, April 6, 2018. Votes will be extended until then.

So glad that I made it in time AND to the finalist pool! Thank yous!!!!!
(accidentally used my husband's account to reply to this comment before.lol)XP

👍 Thank you for the great sharing and good luck! One more week of votes and presenting to the public and we begin to announce winners. After that we'll probably take a little break from this size of an initiative, focus a bit on regular content, maybe do a couple smaller ones, and gear up for the next cause.

We'll see what that is and hopefully be ready to go with it in a month or two.

I'm looking forward to it! Cheers! :)

Just nabbed another one! MUAHAHAHA!!!

👍We also just got another new steemit community member confirmation.

Another. I should do this for a living.lol


Oh, well i haven't been very pro active to share it too much outside of steemit, i did try once or twice but... Seems like my work isn't really the bee's knee for people. Even tho i put a lot of passion into it... A little bit disappointed in myself then... I thought the idea was good, maybe i don't have the marketting and pr skills needed to promote this kind of work or i couldn't put in words and in picture what i envision for the game i'm working on.

I don't care, will keep working on it until it's well fleshed out and people understand how cool and funny it will be.

Anyway, congratulations to the winners.

You're right in the running imaginalex! What are your choices for second and third (or even 2-10)?

hm, i just wish i can leave the contest, it just makes me very depressed and sad.

We love it and see the potential you're reaching for. Great work even if it didn't draw (yet)!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@stateoftheart do we need to have a screenshot/pic on how many views or likes our own entry received on other social media sites?

It can be shared and discussed as you wish. Evidence is even better. We're going to start organizing semifinalists from those entrants still active here on the feed. So, also let us know at least your second and third choices (if not 2-10). All who do so will be part of our semifinalist collection. Then, the voting process continues through until the end.

Thanks for the reply @stateoftheart thanks for clarifying, I'm gonna check later what my 2nd and 3rd choices.


This is all I've got, 268 peolle liked my entry, goodluck to allScreenshot_20180406_081859.png


And my favorite finalist by the moment is Finalist #.001 a very cool digital illustration

thank you so much brother! this really means to me! Godbless you

Thanks for participating Miguel; you're in!

New entries will be allowed until the end of the day, today; Friday, March 30th, 2018, Pacific Time, US. Judging will continue throughout the day, and through tomorrow, Saturday, March 31, 2018; until the end of the day, Pacific Time, US.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Voting for Finalist #.001.

The concept of promoting Steemit to everyone is in his artwork.

Thanks @edia this mean a lot to me! Godbless

All of the works are very outstanding! but since the contest theme is to promote steemit to other social meida site, lets be technical, I believe that most of the people don't know Steemit (other social media sites). Everyone had a awesome creativity, but the question is, does their work gives additional information or idea what the artist is trying to promote by just seeing it at first glance? So that's the basis of my judgement, and I see it from entry #00.1 he does not only did it with awesome illustration but added it with additional information through text! I believe that's the awesome way of promoting something, to encourage people to join you by making them curious about the thing you are promoting, which is present in entry #0.01 the line "BLOG, POST, VOTE, EARN" is great tagline to encourage people to participate and join the community. And lastly my 2nd and 3rd vote goes to, entry #0.16 and #0.06

Wow! thanks! that's very kind of you Mikaela, I'm glad you get what I'm trying to convey through my illustration, thanks for the effort! this means a lot to me. Godbless you!


Our votes:

  1. Finalist #.011 @seenitallfilms
  2. Finalist #.001 @jeeuuzz

Thank you :D

thanks man!

.011 = 9 peer points
.001 = 8 peer points

One of the ten prizes bases itself strictly off of the peer vote. Another comes from the popular public vote count overall.

Thank you and good luck to everyone participating, there are some. amazing entires this week!
Picked my fave already bit I love number 4 also :3