What is the Star Wars story really about?

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There are many different perspectives on what the 9-movie franchise is really about, and that, I think, is what makes it such an enduring series across generations. We see the story we want to see. For me, it's about facing our fears and overcoming them as part of our hero journey. It's about discovering secret knowledge, the force, and through years of disciplined study and training, using it to shape our reality. As with all great stories, it's about the battle between dualities of light and dark, service to self and service to others, free will and determinism, unrestrained passion and fully-controlled stoicism. As Luke "Skywalker" Stokes, this story has been part of my own journey for as long as I can remember.

Today, the final chapter dropped as we just saw episode 9, The Rise of Skywalker. I thoroughly enjoyed it and again got thinking about facing our fears. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to experience an acupuncture meditation of the ear which is said to work on and release your chakras. I still don't really know what chakras are, but it was a cool experience with a community of friends. During the 45-minute session, I decided to practice a bit of focused meditation I had recently been practicing. I decided to go inward and work on whatever came up. I dealt with the fear of death for a bit, and was surprised to feel relatively okay with that whole deal. I'm living my success right now, not in some far-off moment in the future. If it were to end, so be it, though I certainly would enjoy plenty more time to stick around (life-extension technology with nano-tech and future space travel would be cool). As I went deeper, I found a more solid fear I couldn't pass through as easily.

I was afraid of what my children might become.

This fear, I think, is the core of the Star Wars story. Parents (and grandparents / masters) have attachments and desires for their progeny, willing them to complete their destiny. The fear I faced was that no matter how hard I try or how much unconditional love I give, it's possible my children could turn out terribly and cause tremendous harm to others. The hard truth we want to avoid is we ultimately do not have control. Our offspring are a constant reminder of this. The more we try to control things, the more we face our inability to do so. Our fear of death is quieted by the legacy and significance we leave behind through our genes, but what if they destroy that legacy by turning out terrible? What if they also disappear, accomplishing nothing, and end the line for what we consider as "us"?

What if all we're left with is the infinite nothingness of the void? No significance, no memory, no consciousness to ever know we existed. The end of all story and awareness. Or what if our legacy is that of the Dark Side even if we devoted our lives to the Light (or the vice-versa)?

All we can really do is improve ourselves while not giving in to fear or avoidance.

This, to me, is the story of Star Wars. Healing the father wounds in all of us. Drawing us to our destiny, even if we feel we were born in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the universe. We can't control our legacy, but we can follow our path and be true to our hearts. The love we share for each other and the journey together is ultimately all we have.

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It’s interesting to think children who have been loved turn out to cause harm to others, this really does make it hit home, how important acceptance is.

Mr. Robot finished on a similar note about fate and legacy. Like the last Starwars it is psychological and you go through the character's worst fears as he is talking to you. Looking you straight in the eye and breaking the fourth wall.

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I can express my humble opinion. There were 9 films. The first were a classic fairy tale.The boy becomes a squire. Then saves the princess from the forces of evil. Then the boy becomes a knight. The scenery of the tale takes place in space. The plot of the tale does not change due to the scenery of the cosmos.
There was an attempt to make the film serious. Pretty disastrous.There was an attempt to make the film serious. Pretty disastrous.
The empire was shown to be the absolute good that defeats the evil of the republic. What is the good of an empire? Corruption wins. Destroys crime. Improves the lives of ordinary citizens. Republic favors. as a center of corruption, crime, space pirates and slavery.
Special effects, army of fans. Result of successful commercial gatherings. People could not give an analysis of the situation. They did not understand that they were on the side of absolute evil.
Then the complete killing of the series. transfer of rights to a Disney company. We are not talking about false tolerance. It's about killing the laws of the genre. Fierce sexism appears. Where the main character succeeds not in her development, training. talent or intelligence oh no! She seeks everything against the laws of the world only on the basis that she is a woman.
In general, I am not opposed to strong, smart and talented women. I speak out against the idiots that show women in Disney movies. The incompetent command of the fleet. Mediocre lesions. And more mediocre victories when the world adjusts to the heroines. This is not even Mary Sue, every woman in this film is something more.
Result? A bunch of renegades who don't give a damn about the universe. Fight for slavery. corruption and banditry. Do I need to empathize with them? Maybe interesting characters? Is there an arc of character? Character development? He is not there. They do not perform actions. If something is required. then the world adjusts to the heroine. The main character can lie like a stone, but she will win anyway.
Although, in a general sense, all the "good" female heroines lie like a stone. Victories happen on their own. Because the world adjusts to them. This is sexism. Where shown, a woman is given everything by birthright. Not because she is smart, talented, persistent in achieving the goal. I have not seen a more vile picture.

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Happy New Year... but more importantly... Happy Birthday Luke!
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