Fun, FREE POS coins to start staking and earning

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As the tile says the purpose of this post is to introduce you to some free pos coins. This is not financial advice. This is mainly to show people especially beginners or people that have no money to buy crypto how they can earn free coins and start to earn staking rewards for staking pools.

All websites mentioned are free to join. The staking pools do charge a small fee but only when you receive staking rewards so you don't really "miss' or even notice it.

Beancash/ Bitbean. you can claim for free every 30 minutes at BTC pop. BTCPOP also has an internal staking pool and you should earn rewards daily or close to daily . This coin is great for those who are relying on faucet claims to collect coins. At the time of this post the claim rates are about 1 coin per claim.

This coin is also available for staking in Simple POS Pool Simple POS Pool. I personally like to keep coins in multiple staking pools/ locations.

Potcoin. If you are into what the utility is behind this one it can be fun to claim. You can also claim this one at btcpop, allcoins and potcoin faucet Potcoin

Pivx. A solid coin with decent staking rewards. It is also available in btcpop and spp for staking

Reddcoin- the tipping crypto

This is just a partial list of some coins you may want to check out. You may want to start out with one or two, build it up and try other coins. or just stick to one coin, or claim every coin. It's up to you what you do.

Enjoy and have fun with it. The faucets mentioned do work well on mobile browser so you can claim at more convenient times that work for you.

Links for easy reference

Simple POS Pool


Potcoin Faucet:

Allcoins Faucet:

Please note that the allcoins faucet does contain banner and pop up ads that may not be suitable for work.


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Its nice i am going to try. Very interesting

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