Home Stair Lifts Using For Elderly

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Many people are not able to easily move around because of the effects of disease or aging. But there is a wide range of products designed to make it easier for these individuals to live in new freedom and independence. Some of these products are designed to lift people from one level to another. These include the lift chair, the wheelchair lift, and the stair chair lift. Although they sound very much alike, they actually accomplish very different things.

The lift chair helps people stand up and sit down. This sounds like a simple movement, but many have difficulty sitting down in a chair or getting out of a chair. The lift chair (or power lift chair) uses motors to raise up and forward. This allows the user to lean against the raised chair and then let the chair lower him into a seated position. Or it can raise them from a seated position to almost standing.

Some power lift chairs only have two positions--seated and raised. Other lift chairs have three or more positions, allowing you to recline fully for relaxing or sleeping. Lift chairs are sized for all body types, from under five feet tall to well over six feet tall. Weight capacities range from 325 pounds up to 700 pounds. Most lift chair lines also have several options available, like extra pockets, left hand controls, heat, and massage.

The wheelchair lift provides wheelchair users with access to different levels. Some reports say there are up to 100 million wheelchair users around the world. The wheelchair itself provides greater mobility for people who have suffered an accident or have a disease that affects their ability to walk. But wheelchair users still encounter barriers that require help.

Wheelchair users find it nearly impossible to be independent when they need to enter or leave a building, go up or down stairs, or get into or out of a vehicle. What these actions have in common is the need to change levels, to be higher or lower. That's quite difficult to accomplish alone with a wheelchair. But wheelchair lifts have been developed that can help out in all of these situations.

Sometimes there's no way to add a ramp to an existing building. Wheelchair platform lifts have proven very useful in these situations. These vertical wheelchair lifts usually have a platform with a door or gate. To be raised or lowered, a wheelchair user rolls onto the platform and closes the gate. The platform then is electrically or hydraulically raised or lowered to the desired level. Once the lift stops, the wheelchairs user rolls out onto the new level.

The best stair lift chair provides assistance on stairways for wheelchair users or for people who may otherwise be able to walk but are unable to climb stairs. Chair lifts move people up and down stairs along a track. These are usually operated by a gear system and powered by electricity. Some stair chair lifts provide a way for a wheelchair to roll onto a platform that moves up and down the stairway. Other stair lifts have a permanently attached seat. These are designed with ambulatory (meaning they can walk around on their own) people in mind.

We all have different physical abilities. These new mobility enhancing products allow individuals to continue living active, independent lives without slowing down for barriers and obstacles.