​Stach Posts Of The Day For September 23rd-24th, 2018

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Hello everyone, today we wish to display these contents which have been carefully selected and have received the Stach upvotes. The selection was carried out by Stach curators and reviewers. Authors nominated were sought and approved for the daily upvotes. This is usually not easy, as there are lots of entries that are filtered through to select some of the best for each day.

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Meet The Authors and Their Post

Author: @hollacute

The State Of E-health In Nigeria

Image Source

Join @hollacute as he gives a walk through on the status of e-health in Nigeria, he talks about the challenges as well as the benefits of such a program in our community.

Author: @zeus

New School Year In The Middle Of An Educational Crisis

Image Source

Everyone surely remembers the euphoria we got during those days of our new school year's, alot has changed from when we were kids but I'm sure the feeling is ever constant for any kid going through school, @zeus tells of the pains children are facing due to the current economic situation in Nigeria and how it is affecting these little school children.

Author: @maduprecious

This Is How It All Started From Simple To Extravagancy

Image Source

A short and lovely poem by @maduprecious on humans and the story of how we've gotten to the state we're in now, how things have changed from love and care for all to gather and store for me.

Author: @josediccus

Sullied Elegance-An Original Poetry

Image Source

@josediccus writes an astonishing poem about "Her", the elegant beauty whose aim is to destroy but you fall victim to her cunning and her charm, a taste you wish to have but destruction is but the end.

Author: @ilukujoseph

Here... Pandora's Hot Box

Image Source

Business is never easy, most especially for those who are uninformed, this post by @ilukujoseph gives us multiple tips on how to boost your hair brand, although I think these tips can be applied to other business ventures as well, Do check it out.

Author: @geeboi

Look Deep And Beyond

Image Source

Look deep and beyond is a post by @geeboi, it teaches us not to take things at face value, or not to make a decision/conclusion from hearing just one side of the story, because decisions taken like that are often wrong.

Author: @ilukujoseph

The Sound of Music

hanbvjm3ve.jpg Image Source

This is a beautiful poem by @ilukujoseph, it talks about music in all its glory, how music has been a source of strength and courage, a place of hope and solitude in times of troubles. Infact music is Bae.

Author: @riveradc

Parsley. Cultivation and its health benefits

cultivo-del-perejil.jpg Image Source

There's a saying that goes thus "health is wealth" and on today's post @riveradc is bringing to our notice a plant/herb called parsley, although it is mainly used for cooking this post enlightens us about the medicinal benefits of this herb.

Author : @sammiegold

Run Your Own Race

man-1245658_640.jpg Image Source

In life the number one person you can trust the most isn't your spouse or family but yourself, this post by @sammiegold brings to the fore the proverbial word that says "run your own race" as you can't be fully certain that someone else will.

Author : @swizzyl

Let Love Lead

Image Source

In a world full of hate and deceit @swizzyl is admonishing us to let love lead, it surely isn't easier to hate than to love and so we should show love and show it today as our tomorrow is uncertain.

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