The broken clock principle - The Journey

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The clock is an instrument used to tell the time. When broken and out of use it loses its value. But it is a known fact that no matter how broken a clock may be it is always correct twice a day. At this point not even doubting Thomas of the bible can doubt its accurracy. And at this point it becomes hard to tell if it is truly broken or not because it's telling the correct time.
This phenomenon can be applied to personalities. You may be broken, irresponsible, a drunk, a flirt, one who beats up his wife, a thief, a prostitute, a criminal, a lier, a cheat, a dishonest person, name all vices you know, but deep down in you there are some good. Everyone has a good side, for most, it just does not show up as often as it should.
A policeman once told me about his youthful says. He said before he joined the force, he was a criminal. He used to rob and steal from people until one faithful evening when him and his gang attacked a couple who were on their way from church. This couple and their 8 months old baby had no valuables on them except their bible. The gang leader want to shoot them and run away since they had no valuables on them. The now policeman couldn't standby and watch such in humanity and cruelty so he defended this couple and their baby. After much pleading and arguement they were spared. It was then he noticed that despite his appetite for money that led him to crime, he had a good heart to defend the weak and that made him joined the Nigeria police force.

 But like the broken clock is correct twice a day, your good side will definitely surface at some point. It's left for you to notice it, pick it up and pay all the necessary attention to it. 

Only then will you begin your journey to becoming a better person. It may be a long rough journey but with patience, determination and perseverance you will make it. You may have to change friends, habit, location but it's OK if it's a price to pay to becoming a better person.
If everyone, plus those in the steemit community, can board this train and start this journey to becoming a better person, then I believe we stand a chance to make the world a better place. It is never too late. Even the thief that was crucified with Jesus saw the good in him in the last minute and got the reward. You too can do so only believe. Thank you.

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Keep steeming, we need people like you here :D

Thanks a lot. I will do my best to keep up.

It was very nice to read that story, @lorddanzi. Sometimes it is so difficult to see that moment when the broken clock shows the correct time... Philosophical topic

It takes a focused mind to see the moment when the broken clock shows the correct time. Thanks for the upvote and comment. I just followed you pls follow back @lorddanzi for more

Congratulation @lorddanzi your post resteemed completed.


I was a good post