How to be beautiful as a father girl

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The question you shouldn’t be asking is “Can I be overweight BUT beautiful?”, it’s “Can I be overweight AND beautiful?”

And of course, the answer is absolutely!

What makes a person “attractive” or “beautiful” is entirely subjective. There is no set of criteria in which your goal is to check off all the boxes. Beauty comes in so many different forms. Some people are beautiful because they have a smile that lights up the room and makes everyone around them feel happiness. Some people have a wonderful way of carrying themselves that let’s you know that they are present, attentive, and confident. Some people have twinkling eyes. Some people are incredibly passionate. Some people have the rare capability to be truly empathetic, and want to show love and respect to everyone they meet. Some people have wonderful hair. Some people have wonderful faces. Some people have wonderful bodies.

Some people think that you DO have to have a perfect body in order to be attractive or “dateable”, and you want to get as far away from these people as possible. You would never want a person that is so naive, shallow, and unable to see true beauty. No matter how well you conform to society’s definition of beauty, if you are with a person like this, you will never feel like you are good enough or truly appreciated and loved as a person, therefore you will never be comfortable in that relationship.

Just for extra measure, here are some absolutely GORGEOUS models:



The best thing you can do to improve your appearance is dress nicely, stay active (you don’t have to workout hardcore, just going on daily walks is enough) have good hygiene, and carry yourself with confidence and grace. These things will make a WORLD of difference without you having to fit into a certain size.

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