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Is there really such thing as perfection?

Hmm maybe there is🤔: PERFECT
This is a great question, that warrants a serious answer not based on philosophy, or even science but rather on real truth.

We're are all mortal beings, and the purpose for mortality is to experience the opposite of perfection. The first question you should ask yourself is. Is there anything in our universe that can't be improved upon? Because it's impossible to make improvements upon perfection.

Okay let's introspect deeply. If perfect really exist, we would have Perfect families. Perfect smiles. Perfect cars racing alongside each other, with perfect speeds on perfect highways. Perfect mechanics to fix the perfect cars🙄.

Perfect name. Perfect prestige. Perfect rights. Perfect pride. Perfect bragging rights. Perfect visiting cards. Everything Perfect! Perfect!! Perfect!!!.



Don't make perfection your priority, as it's the greatest barrier to progress.

When perfection is your goal, you’re always left with a worrying sense of failure that makes you want to give up or reduce your effort.

Instead of moving forward, you'll end up spending your time lamenting on what you failed to achieve and what you should have done differently.

Always prepare for the best and expect the worst, as everything can't also go as planned it's either below or beyond expectations.

Thanks for reading through my thoughts on Perfection☺️👍.

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Perfection is over rated and not much fun, I think the most joyful points in my life were the not so well planed and messy days. As always have a great day

You're welcome @acrowland, I love your point. Its obvious that a large % of perfectionist are people who tries to please others. They always miss out the fun in what they're doing, because they are over conscious of what's going to happen next.

Right. sometimes the happy mistakes are the most rewarding part of a mission.