21 cent STEEM!!!! Im off the bed - Good night everyone

in ssglife •  19 days ago 

I dont know what to write about today? I feel like i need to write a post but cant think of anything. All i can think is the price of STEEM is 21 cent, whats the fucking point? I think to myself, i ready paid for hammer and i have a Precious vote but then i think , what did i pay hammer, $5 per a whole week are 71 cents per day. What im i losing by just going to bed and not spending 30 minutes writing this post. Not very much. If STEEM drops out of the top 100,......................i dont know what will happen.

How much time time how you invested into steemit and what do you have to show for it? Forget STEEM, if you converted your STEEM wallet into BTC, what would you have cause BTC is the end goal for most crypto heads. If you had put the same hours into a minimum wage job, would you be better are worse off? The whole crypto currency thing attached to a social network sounds like a genius idea and it is if it was a little more centralized it could be much better. It's the fookin west wide out on steemit and it maybe the first crypto social network, but how often does the first of anything end up being the best? Sorta never.... what was your TV like growing up and what's it like now? Everything gets better, improved and redesigned. Steemit will be old news in a few years and mostly populated by hardcore steemit heads. Nothing wrong with that and there is high chance that i could be one of them.

On the other hand, i still think that STEEM is hugely undervalued and we will see $1 STEEM again before the end of 2020. I was gonna powerdown and invest into EOS but based on past evidence of Dan's projects is they get into the top 10 and fall out of the top 10 and then continue to drop. I would be 100% for sure be up for any new blockchain he working on, lol, but none that i know about. Im still postive for STEEM but im tired, grumpy and feed and bed :)

Good day everyone. Im on the nightshift, back home at 7am, now it's 10.30am and time for bed. Kids have just woke up so earpods on the charger while i do my breakfast/dinner/supper.

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I am glad I don't watch TV anymore @silverstackeruk
I know you are emotional in this post and I hope you don't give UP and Walk away from Steem entirely. As an OLD GUY I don't really worry what the price of STEEM is. I think there are many Good Things Happening and Time Will Tell..........

Im never quiting, im just moaning. Come on!!! You know me better.lol

Like @stokjockey said, I don't really worry about the price of steem either. I'm here for the banter, the community and because I fucking hate Facebook. Lol

yeah, fuck fuckbook.

I aint going anywhere, i just might be posting less