Hammer Time (one week FREE!!!)

in ssglife •  5 months ago 

Who doesn't like a little Hammer time!


Not that Hammer, this one!


So here is what I have, I am going to give away a free week of @silver-hammer. That will be a 90% vote per day for 7 days.

Here are the rules!

  • you must nominate someone
  • nomination rep must be 65 or below.
  • you can nominate yourself.
  • All names will go into a randome name picker.
  • @silver-hammer will not vote old post, all post must be new and of good content.
  • nominations should be listed in the comment section of this post.
  • you can nominate up to Saturday @ 10pm EST
  • vote week will run Sunday-Saturday.

Good luck to all and happy Hanmering!


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Wow. Sweet giveaway. I nominate @dfinney

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Good pick @dkid14

I don't suppose a person can be nominated twice, @silver-hammer?

I nominate @vgholdingsllc.

Thanks Ron!

I nominate @goldfashioned !

Thanks GM nice pick!

Can I nominate @ssg-community ?

Thanks buddy, not sure they can post everyday, but good pick.

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

I nominate @silversaver888

Rep is too high.... how about @kerrislravenhill!

Got it thanks @dfinney

@methus is always posting unique silver and he's a pretty cool dude, to boot!

Thanks, man. You're a pretty cool dude with boots, too.

I'll nominate @bethvalverde

Can I nominate... Myself because I have no friends, I smell, and sometimes sing Mc Hammers' "Can't Touch This" when I am on my own.
I nominate @epicdave

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I nominate @kerrislravenhill

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Great idea, so I nominate @goldkey for hammer time!

I would like to nominate @monsterjamgold (aka gdwcoins)

Why me? I can't post 7 days straight not even close maybe three out of the 7.

I nominate @rolf.bakker

Another nomination.... @thekittygirl.

I nominate @thekittygirl! She always has informative well-written posts😎 and also @kerrislravenhill because she writes wikkid cool stories.