One of My Favorite Coins - Norway 1924 25 Ore

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Many of you may have seen my coin collection video. Today I want to highlight one of my favorite coins. It definitely is not the most valuable coin, but it comes from Norway, many of my ancestors come from there, so it is kind of cool to think maybe one of my relatives held this coin at some point. LOL

The coin is a 1924 Norge 25 Ore coin. It is made up of Copper-Nickel. It was the first year the coin was put into circulation and the circulation went until 1950. I can't remember where I got the coin.



I enjoy the look of the coin. It is about the size of a Dime. I enjoy coins that have holes in them. Makes them kind of unique I think.

Here is a spec sheet on them. This particular coin sells on ebay from .99 cents to 4.99.

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 11.53.23 AM.png

From time to time I will highlight more coins in my collection. :) Thanks @themanwithnoname for the suggestion.

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WOW, very nice! I can see why that is your favorite @mrchef111! Stack on, my friend!


Thank you! :)

Oh yeah... that is a great coin.

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Now thats a sweet coin. Would like to find some old viking plunder. That would be cool🤗


Thanks! Oh my how cool would that be to find an old viking shipwreck and discover treasure chests full of coins and other gold and silver relics! haha

That one is very pretty indeed! :D I'm so jealous of all the cool coins you have :-)


Thank you! :) Don't be jealous and start collecting. haha :)