Monkee Business : Daily Journal #2

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OFFICIAL POST for journaling SPUNKEE MONKEE tasks!

What did I do today?

It was Sunday, so almost half day gone after I went to church. Let's see what I did.

🛁This is how I cared for my Health & Hygiene! 🤩

Past few days, I did not eat fruits due to everyone was busy. And today, I remembered to eat. My mummy gave me sugar prune and my grandmother served me some jackfruit. Sounds like Jack the pirate. I felt healthier eating fruits.


🌳This is how I made my Environment shine!🏠

I did not do anything for environment today. It was a packed day. But, I did go with daddy to his kitchen to pack some stuff and tidy up the kitchen abit. Daddy has a food truck. Is this to do with environment?

🤝Here is how I was of service today!👍

I helped mummy to clear the table for dinner as the table was full of our toys and books.

🎨 Here is how I had fun with my hobbies!🏈

I love to plant seeds after I learned from school. Two days ago, I put some green bean seeds on pads of cotton. And today I am happy to see them grow. They grow so fast. I am reminded seeds can grow if they have water, sunlight and oxygen. I am happy to see the seeds grow some leaves.


👩🏻‍🎓 I discovered this about what I might want to be 👨🏻‍🎓

I want to do something related to science or animals or nature or in the wild explore stuff. I love to watch this man and learn from him about animals and insects. Today he let himself being bitten by bullet ant and tried to use the Sting Kill to help him soothe the pain. His channel is called "Brave Wilderness". Not all ants are like those at my home, won't harm people. Honestly, I still don't know what I want to be in the future. But I really love animals so mummy said maybe I can be a vet.

🤔 My special thoughts about today 🤔

I was tired because of little unwell. I have little bit runny nose and cough. I am thinking how nice if human won't fall sick. But germs are everywhere, so to stay clean is important.

Points Earned for Today

Tasks Complete (out of 5 total) : 4 tasks completed

Total Points For Today: 80 points

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Wow!!! What a great post :) I learned a more about you! That's what is so neat about reading posts about Monkees! You get to see what makes their brains excited!

Yep! That is helping the environment if you helped your daddy clean his truck!

Sometimes you can clean the big environment, something that helps the planet! But you can also keep your small environment clean too! That helps the planet too, doesn't it?

If you put into practice always treating your area with care and keeping it clean... Then when you grow up, you're making good habits for when you're older and you will hopefully want to keep much more clean.

We only have one world to live on, it's so important that we treat it with respect, don't you think so? 😊

Plus..if you helped your dad clean his food truck, then that is helping the environment AND food service too!!!! You did two things with that one action! Awesome!!!!

You wrote a very full post today!!! Really nice job on sharing your day with us!

-Monkee Capt'n Dreemie 😊


Yes. We only have one world and we must help the Earth.

I helped at his kitchen the other day, not yet the food truck. He has a central kitchen to prepare all the food before the food goes into the food truck. Hehe. I did think of want to be a food truck owner like daddy one day if the food business is okay. Now it is not so okay.

Mummy helps me with my sentence. I am not good yet. Not at school, am learning to write longer sentence.

Thank you Captain. 😊


You are an amazing child @jaysmasterpiece!!!!

I am so happy that you are one of our monkees and I love that your mom is such a great Monkee Mom!!!!


-Monkee Capt'n Dreemie

What a busy day!!!

Jackfruit is something we don't get much here in my part of the world, it's rare here! I've only tasted it once. do you ahve a favorite fruit? Mine is either Mango, or Blueberry! Cap'n @dreemsteem always reminds me, that Blueberries are GREAT for memory!

I can't wait to see what you come up with to help the Environment! Maybe helping your daddy reducing plastic? or recycling at his Food Truck! You are doing amazing things helping with service to your mom and dad!

I LOVE animals and the environment! For me, I love marine animals, like dolphin, whales, seals, fish, and sharks.
but animals of all kind are exciting to me. I take many trips for photos of Birds, Owls and Hawks in the woods, too. I see that you are enjoying the plants you are growing!

Scientists that study animals are called Biologists. Maybe you can do that? Or, Maybe, like mom says, become a Veterinarian? Or even, become a scientist that studies the plants and forests?
Study the plants around you. Study the animals around you. Do you have a favorite animal? Or Plant? Let me know!

Today's Points: 80
Total Points To Date: 430

Well DONE! @azuredorsal for @spunkeemonkee


I really love animals more than plants. I like plants. And love animals. I used to dream of having cats and dogs but parents said apartment can't have pets. So I ended up with fighting fish (died some time ago) and now two turtles. I will one day take photos and show.

I love mango too. I don't have a fix favourite fruit but I love mango, oranges, honey dew and banana. Maybe banana for now since I am a Monkee (mummy suggested hehe).

Thank you @azuredorsal 😊


hahahahahahaha good suggestion Monkee Mummy! :)


my favorite fruit is.... hmmmmm can you guess? I'll give you hints!

It's red
has seeds
VERY sweet

it is usually large
but you cut it up into slices. hehehe

Can you guess? @jaysmasterpiece? :)

What a wonderful post, @jaysmasterpiece

I think planting seeds falls into helping the environment? The plants take in carbon dioxide and put out 'oxygen' - so they are little helpers inside or outside keeping the air full of oxygen and in balance.

It is so exciting to see a seed sprout - thanks for sharing your picture of the bean sprouts :) They look very happy as do you. :)


I took your suggestion and put "watering the bean sprout and plants" under environment today. :) Thank you @youhavewings.