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RE: Race to the FINISH!!! Can we do it???

in #spunkeemonkee3 years ago

I have one question. Will you create your own Steem front-end and signup system? Because you must be 13+ to use

I heard in the past that some account creations were blocked, because users were less than 13 years old.

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This is why it is specifically a FAMILY account :)

The parent will be supervising the entire activity! Thank you for asking that very important question! And yes - the front-end is being built right now! :)

we are connected to steem through SteemConnect (as of 2 days ago)

WOW thanks for that!!!!

I can't change the campaign on Kickstarter with that link - but I will update my website with that for sure!

I really appreciate that help! :)

Please do share this with any family that you think would love this project! Our alpha monkees LOVED it and are back for Beta!

we only have 100 slots max before our beta test is at capacity - but after that - our full version will open up :)

Right now we have Monkees signed up from Philippines, Malaysia, Ireland, USA... all over :)

We'd love to include more countries in the fun! Please do spread it around to social media too??? every bit helps!!

thanks again!!! I just applied for it! :)


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