My preparation to power up steem when spud6 occurs

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image source : @streetstyle

I plan to do power ups with the amount of 200 steam on oktober 1 later. currently I have a steem with the number 132. need 68 more steam to be 200 steem. I think I can get it before oktober 1st.

in these 2 months, i often buy steems. Initially I bought steem on the exchange. and that is cost cutting. but for this purchase I was lucky. because one of my friends he sells steems. so I bought from him without cutting costs. hopefully he will one day sell it again.

How about you.? Do you want to power up on oktober 1st later? power up on oktober 1 is an initiative of @streetstyle. The initiative he did was a form to support steem to be better. and you all surely know that by doing power ups, the steem economy will be better.

In addition, doing power ups on oktober 1, gives you the opportunity to get a big prize. but to get a prize, you must first qualify. this is a gift and conditions that you must do.

1st Place -

  • 2500 Power Steem Delegations for 3 Weeks - Sponsor = @xpilar
  • Power Steem 2000 Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor @ sultan-aceh

2nd place

-1500 Power Steem Delegations for 3 Weeks - Sponsor = @reflektor

  • 1000 Power Steem Delegations for 3 Weeks - Sponsor = @hingsten

3rd Place

-1000 Steem Power Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor = @bippe

4th place

  • Power Delegation 750 Steem for 3 Weeks - Sponsor = @streetstyle

5th Place

  • Power 250 Steem Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor = @streetstyle

and to get a prize, you must also meet the requirements.

You must have a reputation score below 69.00 (so 68.99 is good & can participate.) and more than 150 steem power (before SPUD5) but less than 7501 Steem Power.

must have a reputation score above 42 (so ranking 41.99 Will not win). You must also have at least 1 post on the SPUD6 blog before powering up on oktober 1. for a more detailed explanation, you can visit the @streetstyle post.

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