My Power-Up Process screenshot for #spud4steem (1st July)

in #spud4steemlast year

Assalamu Alaikum and Hello to all Steemians,
I am from from Karachi, the City of Pakistan and it is 1:26 AM, 1st of July 2020 and I am powering-up my Account for #spud4steem.

Screen Shot - Before Power-Up


Screen Shot - After Power-Up



I have 958.751 SP before and I power-up with 939.601 and Now I have 1898.352 SP in my wallet.

As like before, I am really excited and Hoping to Win Some place in Spud4Steem Winner list, I tried to Power-Up with same SP I already Have but I didn't arrange and Powered-Up with little Less.
Thanks to @kiwiscanfly for arranging this Spud4Steem And
GOOD LUCK for All.
Thank You


Another good power up by you, you had a good power up last month as well :)

Hope i get to delegate you some more SP this time around


Thank you, Yes Hope to take some place in this #spud4steem as well.
Last month I get 1st place and enjoyed the delegations by Curating good content.
Have a nice day

Congratulations.!! Your Blog is going through to the Cash Prize Draw.

Thank you for supporting the #spud4steem promotional event organised by @kiwiscanfly.

Your Blog will be entered in to win one of the 3 following Cash Prizes.

Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

Cash Prizes.!!

To help support @kiwiscanfly with their #spud4steem promotional event I will giving the 25 #Steem Dollars Cash Prize to 3 lucky winners as follows....

1st Prize = 15 #Steem Dollars

2nd Prize = 7 #Steem Dollars

3rd Prize = 3 #Steem Dollars

The Winners of the Cash Prizes will be announced shortly after the close of the #spud4steem promotional event soon after 1st July.

Prizes will be awarded to those that have been creative with their support for @kiwiscanfly and #spud4steem.

Good luck.


Thank you.

That is an impressive power up buddy :)

Have a good day

Thank You, let's see where I will be on this #spud4steem. Hoping good...
Have a nice day


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Thank You

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