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We have come to the end of the November 1st #Spud4steem, we have had another great event with 35+ entries who combined to power up over 4000 Steem power!


We are now not accepting anymore entries for the November #spud4steem

Here are the Preliminary results


This list can change over the next 24 hours

I have already had some discussions with people about their % increase's and about the minimum amount of Steem required to win a prize. I encourage anyone in the next 24 hours to contact me to discuss further - i dont bite!

What now?

In 24 Hours from now i will publish the final results, Then the winners will be asked to write an acceptance post with a selfie similar to this - the selfie cannot have sunglasses on the person :)

Winners have 24 hours to complete this task

Once that is completed i will then ask sponsors to start the delegation prizes to applicable winning user accounts



These awesome sponsors provide the great prizes on offer, please join me in thanking them

All pictures & graphics are the property of @kiwiscanfly


Congratulations to all the winners 💃💃💃💃
A special shout out to @masonia from @steemalive community.


Congratulated top 5 winners.

At first thanks.And i'm very happy to see that i'm on the winner list.

Congratulations to all the winners. Great to see maximum winners from Bangladesh. Congrats @nahidhasan23 & @alaraf.

Oh my God. I'm really surprised. Thanks for this great contest. I'm very happy.

Wow congratulations to all the winners, this is great news. Also congratulations to my special friend and fellow community member @masonia. Congratulations @steemalive got your back.

How incredible that 37 people participated, this is great, congratulations to all the winners..!

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Glad to see myself there in the Top 8.
Hope to see you again with the same contest on 1st of December.
Steem On!