"SPUD" STEEM POWER UP DAY 1.September 2019

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SPUD5 , "Power up day" 1.9.2019 and you can also win great prizes

Let it go to the moon, Do you join?

Video made by @xpilar

The idea behind initiative is @streetstyle

The prizes are meant to incentivize the smaller Steemians, the planktons, minnows and barracudas out in the Steem Ocean to participate in powering up on SPUD, and hopefully create more understanding as to why Steem Power is what backs the Steem Economy.

If you want to be a sponsor, contact @streetstyle

Remember to use # SPUD and SPUD5 tag
when making one post about SPUD SPUD5


  • A Brief Update from @streetstyle
    September 1st, 2019 is now about two weeks away, giving many of you Steemians time to get in those posts, up votes and comments in order to start collecting that Steem coin. Those of you who have been wise in your crypto trades or investments can currently get some inexpensive Steem coin on the exchanges right now at around $0.18 US or 1756 Satoshis, which is about 0.00001756 Bitcoin, in preparation for STEEM POWER UP DAY 5.

For now, here is what the SPUD5 PRIZES will be:*

Updated link from @streetstyle
Read here SPUD5

It is important that we can all help with Re-steemed the posts that come now so that as many as possible can see
and participate in the SPUD campaign

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hi @xpilar

I just read your memo. Thx.

I was wondering what SPUD stands for and I even asked my wife (native english speaker about it lol :)
Did you come up with this idea?

Maybe we should try to unite and pressure Steemit Inc to stop dumping such a large amounts of STEEM each month on the market. That could make huge difference.

My team and I are supporting SPUD because we have great faith in the Steem community and its blockchain.

Your team? You mind telling me more about your team and what do you do? Something related to steem blockchain? Or blockchain in general?

Upvote on the way.


Hi @crypto.piotr

Thanks for the reply

The idea comes from @streetstyle and is the initiator of SPUD
He does a huge job with SPUD every month.

I have a team from Norway that has invested in Steem / steemit and they provide curation / upvote to several steemians.
They are not bloggers but they are supporting SPUD with delegate prizes for 3 weeks at a time to winners

Maybe we should try to unite and push Steemit Inc to stop dumping so much STEEM every month on the market. It can make a huge difference

Yes, we hope SPUD grows and that eventually there can be pressure on Steemit Inc.

I think you know me now over time and know that I give a lot of support to minnows and upvote to them

It would be great if you became supportive of SPUD and can write about SPUD

Together we can reach out to many and I know you use a little steem when sending out memos, I can help pay for those expenses

But keep in mind that it is @streetstyle who is the initiator of SPUD here that I want to promote

Thanks for the shout out @xpilar and thank you and your team for such awesome support of #SPUD , your sponsorship of prizes takes it to another level.

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it is nice to help @streetstyle and I hoped we can spread the word SPUD to everyone

This is starting to be real routine

Great post @xpilar !!

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a very brilliant and thought-provoking idea to support it. I am sure this time #SPUD5 will be much more supportive. I will continue to encourage and echo SPUD5 until there will be more whale involved. When SPUD4 yesterday @exyle also did power ups, at least this time there will be more whales that support SPUD5. for me, at least we can participate to give our love to Steem with real.
I always feel proud when I can support and always remember the @xpilar post about the importance of power ups.
I also want to be a successful steemian because I know that so many people at Steem can achieve success with hard work and support from all generous people. I always note how successful @sultan-aceh is. It was a whip for me who was very lay with the cryptocerence to learn and emulate.
Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia

nice to hear @rokhani,
thank you for supporting SPUD

Perfect, thanks

Welcome :)

I will participate in the spud. I am currently collecting steem to be able to participate in the Spud. I like this initiative. I hope more people will participate.

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thank you @aulia1993 for your support for SPUD 👍

Very creative ideas for steemites, worth a try

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Great ! SPUD Together with STEEM ♨ ON ! 💙 ♬

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nice to hear, thank you for supporting SPUD @bluengel

GodSpeed 💙

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Creative ideas for stemiates, thank you, sir

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thank you for supporting SPUD @nurmalaalibasyah

Yes I am waiting

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thank you for supporting SPUD @csharma

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Supporting with reesteem and publication on this excellent project friend @xpilar

thank you for supporting SPUD @adeljose

Intentar para incursionar en tales espacios es el primer paso, los demás derivan de la motivación -motor que incentiva a proseguir, dando los pasos apropiados según instrucciones.Gracias.

yes, it is important to do so @brismar

Good job sir...

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thank you @nevlu123 for supporting SPUD

interesting information, I like this information

Nice to hear @donclo

Let us go together steem to the moon!

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It is almost near, will surely be looking forward to it

thank you for supporting SPUD @adedapo-glory

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