"SPUD 8" STEEM POWER UP DAY 1. december 2019

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SPUD 8 , "Power up day" 01.12.2019 and you can also win great prizes

there will be over 12500 in Steem Power Delegations and other prizes.

Let it go to the moon, are you ready?

Where are the whales? I'm calling for you
Now you have to find visit time and give support to the SPUD events

SPUD 8.png

The idea behind initiative is @streetstyle

The prizes are meant to incentivize the smaller Steemians, the planktons, minnows and barracudas out in the Steem Ocean to participate in powering up on SPUD, and hopefully create more understanding as to why Steem Power is what backs the Steem Economy.

Then the marketing of SPUD8 starts

It was amazing to see many who supported
SPUD7 last time and also with good posts about SPUD

This time we will probably see an increase
in the number of posts and sponsors

Join us and support SPUD now

If you want to be a sponsor, contact @streetstyle

For those who still do not know what SPUD is, STEEM POWER UP DAY (SPUD) takes place the first day of every month.
On this day:

We ask that Steemians that are able, to POWER UP
any amount of STEEM they have on SPUD day.

We ask Steemians that are currently Powering Down,
to put a Stop on Powering Down for that Day,
and if desired to commence the Power Down the following day.

We ask that those that trade or sell Steem to Not Sell or Trade Steem on SPUD Day, but to do it the day before or after if possible. Also, to cancel any type of Sell Order on the Exchanges.

video made by @xpilar

Remember to use tag # SPUD and SPUD8
when making one post about SPUD / SPUD8

Rules to Win Prizes for SPUD8 :
MUST have a reputation score BELOW 69.00 ( so 68.99 is good & Can participate.) AND more than 150 STEEM POWER (prior to SPUD8) BUT LESS than 7501 Steem Power.

MUST have a reputation score ABOVE 42 (so rank of 41.99 will Not Win)

MUST have at least 1 Steem Post in their blog about SPUD8

MUST Power Up Steem on December 1st, 2019

On December 1st, you MUST make a post about your POWER UP.
It can be as simple as "I powered up X amount of Steem" to a simple picture/screenshot of your Power Up and posted to your Steem blog, or it could be a super long dissertation on Steem Power. IMPORTANT: Use the SPUD and/or SPUD8 Hash tags so that I can be sure to see them.

The winner must meet all 5 requirements, and will be the one with the Biggest Steem Power Up PERCENTAGE, not the biggest Power Up. This means that it will be based on the ratio between your current amount of Steem Power and the amount you power up on December 1st.

For Example:

If you have 1000 Steem Power already powered up prior to December 1, and on December you complete steps 1-5 with a 100 Steem Power Up,


another Steemian has 200 Steem Powered up prior to December 1, and on December 1st Powers Up 40 Steem, then this 2nd user would be winning with a 20% power up versus the first example with a bigger power up but smaller percentage of only 10% based on their account.

The winners will be announced via a Steem Post a few days later, and if no one challenges it or lets me know I missed them after 2 days from Winner Announcement, the Winners become official and the prizes will then be given out.

Thank you to All our SPUD Prize Sponsors and to all SPUD supporters and participants. Working to get STEEM to higher Elevations!

The rules are written by @streetstyle

Do you want to spread the word SPUD and post to your blog
feel free to use my photo and video about SPUD

Updated link from @streetstyle with many prizes in SPUD


I think good news conning soon.

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I must go to the moon by SPUD rocket!

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So I need a blog post about spud8 before spud8? Did I get that right? :D

Yes that is correct @cwow2

Cool cool! I will do so :D

Excellent article, well explained! I have just published a video on D.tube and YT reading your article and using your photo, thanks for both! ;)

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