SPUD Update List of Qualifying Steemians for Prizes - Nov. 1, 2019 [steem] [blockchain] [commmunity]

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A Few Days of SPUD & Remembering

Hello Everyone, and thank you to all of you that have participated and/or supported the STEEM POWER UP DAY initiative. This event would not be gaining the momentum that it is without each and everyone one of you, especially our great SPUD Prize sponsors.

I wanted to give a brief update of the Steemians that have participated in SPUD 7 and qualify for the SPUD Prizes. If your name is not on the list, wait for the next update (possibly later tonite or tomorrow). If it still not included, and you think you followed the rules and qualifications needed, then please let me know.

SteemiansPowered UpSteem Power

Happy SPUDding Everyone!
Take care and See You soon.

+++ @streetstyle

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Thanks to sponsors and your commitment to help make steem happen @streetstyle

SPUD or the rise! Just did mine few minutes ago.

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Staying offline for the moment because of a hand injury, but hopped on for a moment to power up 70 Steem for #SPUD7. Happy #SPUD everyone!

@knowhow92 tipped 20 SKATE TOKENS for this post!

That's great. Already almost 3000 sp. I also did my part. 231 sp today. That's all I have including all the tokens converted into steem. Happy SPUD. ☺

You are doing a great job @streetstyle! I have just done my part... I hope it will motivate someone more to participate!

Have a great weekend people!