Powered Up Over 2,000 SP for SPUD, Steem Power Up Day

in #spud2 years ago (edited)

I can feel the power flowing through me on this Steem Power Up Day! Do you feel it?

May 1st 2019 will be the day the world shook, with so many Steemians ascending to higher levels of power. We are a force to be reckoned with. The crypto-verse can't hold us back as we unleash the power within us.

In total, I shook the universe with a total of:

2,181.073 STEEM POWER!

How much will/did you power up today?

Check out the #spud tag and see who else is powering up ;)

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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I may have you beat! Just got a little more than that from my latest purchase! Great job and thanks for participating! Encouraging to see Orcas participating as well!

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Happy SPUD day krnel 🙂

That's a fat stack 2181 SP power up for steem power up day.

I just powered up 876 steem which graduated me from minnow to dolphin at last. It feels good to reach that milestone 🐬

All the best

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I bought 600 coins but I'm just going to leave them on Binance.

I'm really hoping for a summer spike that I can dump and buy back in cheaper.

However, unit bias is really messing with my head. I have more than enough coins to power up and be an x2 dolphin. If nothing happens I'll just power up 3700 after summer is over... say September.

Wow, good going Krnel. And I thought my 1182 was a lot. Well there's still time.

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Nice! I hope to grab some later on today, great to see large accounts like yourself doing it instead of taking the money and running away!
Awesome DBZ gif, loved those epic power ups lol

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This gif is everything!

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you say potatoe, I say potato !! (-:

Wow, amazing moves @krnel thank you for believing and support Steem, this community and #spud
Full Steem Ahead!

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Now that's a decent SPUD, seems everyone is doing SPUD posts today.. including me shortly. :)

Nice. Biggest power up I've seen so far today

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Wow that’s a nice chunk of change! I can’t wait to see the stats post SPUD and if we made a dent in the liquid pool 🤪

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Massive! Thanks for SPUD-ing that big! Hope you’ll also visit my own Spud garden lol.

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Nice! I'm being beaten down the rankings with my 666!

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