Yay, @ew-and-patterns How are you? and thanks for the interest!!

Can you post some numbers for us in regards to power up vs. power down for apri 30- may 2 vs like a prior week or something to see if we even caused a blip on the radar?

And that is what other Steemians have been mentioning as well. I will leave it up to the community, but so far the positive response has been overwhelming in a good way!!

I'm fine and I hope you are too.
Actually, I was thinking for months about how to find a way of getting people to power up on the same day. I don't know how you did that so easily but the response was certainly huge. You should continue to propose SPUDS.

I thought about steemians promising to power up on certain dates in the future, but on a small scale so that we don't create spontaneous and unsustainable spikes in price.

If you want numbers concerning power-ups and downs in a certain time period, I am the wrong person to speak to. @penguinpablo should have those numbers as he is one of best statistics guys here regarding Steem statistics.

I am good too, thanks. Well, I had the idea for a while but was worried about people just blowing it off, so I didn't say anything. The @partiko app came along and got me posting a lot more, and interacting a lot more which made be lose that fear of rejection I guess, and the rest is history.
I didn't think it was going to be this successful with so many in the community pledging support for #sSPUD it truly is inspiring. I know this Blockchain community is the best one in the crypto world.
And yeah, I will have to parse through @penguinpablo 's post for the numbers, thanks again.

ps, any chance you'd stop your power down for SPUD DAY and then re-start it after Spud DAY? no worries if that isn't possible, just wondering.

I don't understand what the reasoning behind this is^^. Why cancel it and then start it again tomorrow?
I am powering down 95% of the time, but I always power back up again what I don't need as liquid Steem. I only sold Steem once when it was worth 4.5$.
I have incoming delegations, that need to be paid for... that's the only reason for my constant power down.