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What is Steem Power-up Day (SPUD)?

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The SPUD movement aims to support the price of steem by encouraging every steemian to power-up rather than selling steem which contributes to its downward price movement.

If every steemian would hold steem we can create a scarcity which in effect will make steem valuable. That is the point of the movement which was initiated by @streetstyle a few months ago and now is being done regularly at the 1st of every month.

What Do We Do On September 1st?

  • We power-up steem on the September 1st.
  • If we have sell orders of steem in the exchanges we cancel it on September 1st.



There is actually a contest and here's how to join

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Important to note:

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So there will be prizes that awaits the lucky winners, power delegations by @xpilar, @sultamn-ach, @hingsten, @reflektor, streetyle and others and some steem too for the winners who would qualify and if you like and interested you can join which is really a win-win for you and the community as a whole.

You can read more about it HERE from the post of @streetstyle

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I power up Steem as I can. I like to keep a few liquid Steem to support my growing addiction to #steemmonsters but that is still keeping steem within a community and not selling it of.

soon I will buy more steem though and then I will power up some more.

Perfect, I power up Steem as I can

Curating this manually with a Marlians upvote for extra reward.

Congrats on the SPUD! Marlians and Spudders will power the next wave of the blockchain!

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