A Clove booster pack, special gold edition cards

in spt •  4 months ago 

Today is @clove71 birthday so I decide to open this special Clove booster pack hahaha lol, let´s find what I get


Dark Enchantress_gold.png

Dark Clovchantress

cove Arianthus_gol.png

Clove Arianthus

Furious Chicken_gold.png

Clorius Chicken

Lightning Dragon_gold.png

Cloightning Dragon

Rusty Android_gold.png

Closty Android71

which Chris Love @clove71 cards you like ?

pick one


May the CloveMonsters be with you.

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OMG! This is too funny and cute, LOL!! Thanks so much!!
Prince Rennyn (713px, 10fps).gif

Thanks, I told you that I have a gift hahaha

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greetings, @yonilkar

excelent and funnie, man!!!!


Thanks, It just came out of my mind.

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curation (912px, 10fps) (1).gif

More Clove-Power to you!