4 Orbs and 10 Packs ago - I had to get some new ones after STEEM finally came back.

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Lets start with the orbs - I was lucky enough to win these from @contestkings, So they are just gravy for me. I like the open all at once feature, but I feel it increases your odds of getting a lot of good cards or bad cards at the same time. Not really sure how it all works, but I will keep doing a mix.



  • No home runs, no gold, or epic/legendary. I got a lot of cards that I need to keep building up the cards.
    Since they were free - I can't complain - but for 10k DEC, that could be viewed as a loss.

Beta Packs

I had to buy some beta packs for a trade with @darkmrmystic - I wanted his gold summoner. Of course I can't let him have all the fun in opening packs so I went back and bought 5 more packs to have a go. I messed up the screen caps somehow. I love peakmonsters explorer option.


  • Just like the Orbs
  • No Gold
  • No Epic/ Legendary
  • Just card fodder for my beta upgrades. I guess they will work but was hoping for more.

Of course, the 6 I traded off gave a Gold Foil Fire Demon, but oh well... it was never mine and if I opened the pack I never would have gotten it.


I am still itching for something good. I need a big hit so I can afford to buy up all the cards I need!!


  • Lots of Epics, but
  • No Gold, Legendary No bit hitter I need.

Well - I will keep on trying - Beta is disappearing too quickly.

Clearly my luck from the season rewards is over - I guess its back to the normal distribution for me.

I am going to be stuck with a bunch of level 8's and forced to either give up and go for the next round of cards, or pay an every increasing rate to max the cards. Commons are taking so many cards, and the cost keeps creeping up, things are getting interesting for sure.

Game on!! ~Senstless~


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That’s a lot of cards, @ sentsless! How many cards must one have to win tournaments? Are not all the cards useful/valuable? If not, then why should they even be included in the packs?
I love the design of every card you show here and those that I’ve seen from other pack openings. I still have 33 cards from months past, and I enjoy looking at the graphics.

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Sounds like you need to jump in and play!!

The answer to your question is it depends. All cards can serve a useful purpose given the gametype you get. Some are more rare, and thus more expensive. Typically the rare cards also have the best features to use, that drives the market higher. .

I took a look, and I see 11 cards on your @silversaver888 profile, and you got some good GOLD!!!! Love those gold sharks!, and the Gold healer and Minotaur are good too!. You don't quite have enough to play, but if you get interested let me know and I could help out with some extras I have. I know between a few of us we can get you playing.