Ruler of the Sea giveaway

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Ruler of the sea giveaway!

It has been a while but I am back with a nice giveaway. This blasting piece of pure magic force is a must have in every Splinterlands deck. Giving your whole team one extra speed and cripple your opponent's magic at the same time. For only 6 mana...

To make a chance to win the ruler of all seas:

💬 Comment and you will enter the #splinterlands magic wheel.

You can earn extra entries by:

📧 Resteeming this Post
👉 Tagging a fellow addict

Winner of the Black Dragon

🙏Big thank you to the following addicts!🙏
@blog-beginner, @chireerocks, @ctrpch, @darthgexe, @gillianpearce, @golddeck, @handtalk5, @javiermurillo, @karenmckersie, @khimgoh, @lordwinty, @lozio71, @olaexcel, @pandaparker
@pardinus, @paredao, @pastzam, @quekery, @rentmoney, @rxhector, @thegoliath, @tillysfamilyfarm, @tryskele, @tsnaks, @viniciotricolor and @wonderwop!

And the winner is:


Congratulations @tryskele! I hope the dragon was any use to you!



Yup that’s a must have card for any water splinter

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Am in again. What of you @ifeoluwa88

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Wh00p! That’s a nice one to give away! I guess fellow Dutchie @guchtere wouldn’t mind joining as well :D

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I waant a lot to participate

Just more 1 to me, for complete this card in maximun level!!!!!


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Congrats to @tryskele and congrats to the next winner

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Wow nice card to give away!

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great card!

I would love a ruler of seas. So will @sayalijain

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I am in. How about you @cryptkeeper17?

Cool, good luck everyone, mine is all ready Maxed out !!👍👹👍👹

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that card is beast, thanks for your hard work tagging @dec-collector

Thanks for the chance to win a great card!
@mumma-monza would sure like a chance too!

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I'd like to participate too! Awesome giveaway. :)

Good giveaway I need Ruler of the sea and tagging @marianarmilia @julisavio

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Thank you for the giveaway! @pataty69, @myfreebtc, @aleister, @mafaldation, check this out!

I'd love another ROTS

Would be great to improve my water splinter! :)

tagging @brammdal

One of the best cards for new splinterlands players.. cool

Cool card for silver league :D

@yarikuzo you should join it :D

An amazing card to add to the collection.

Holding thumbs, resteemed as well!

Awesome giveaway!

@steven-patrick may want to give this one a go.

Thanks for a chance at a Ruler @pacolimited. Maybe @estimatedprophet would like to join in 🤞

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Yeah, legendary loot! For this, dear Sir, you shall be rewarded with plenty of #spt flying your way.

Thank you for the giveaway!
tagging @nuclearmonk

By far the best Water Splinter card.

I'm in!
Tagging @kintaro-oe

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I will toss my name into the pot so to speak. And I'll tag @coffeedrinker112 to stop by once he's had enough coffee

Awesome! I'm in and I'll tag @dicewhale
Thanks for doing these giveaways!

Nice giveaway, maybe @marianaemilia might be interested in participating

a Ruler... nifty!

tagging @lumbermiller

Enter me please


What a great card! Someone will love gettig this awesome card!

Great card i am using it a lot and hope to win!!!

tagging @felipejoys

Awesome giveaway, @pacolimited.

I bet @guurry123 and @mrnightmare89 will be interested in joining

thanks mike, 🤗

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oh.. It's nice to be in the sea.
@chrismadcboy2016. What do you think?

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Yes, Indeed I love seeing the sea especially when I and my friend @mrnightmare89 searching for sea urchin to it. Thank you friend for the shout out have a nice day.

Thanks for giveaway.
Tagging @harpreetjanda
@olivia to join
Upvoted and resteemed also

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I want to participate!
Come here @pedrocanella.

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Congrats and thank you for the chance! Generous giveaway too.

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Wow nice card to give away!
I tag @liberidallavoro and resteeming this post now!

Thanks for the chance to win a great card @pacolimited !

I need this card for my ROS to go to make high level
@guurry123 @cicisaja may interested

Okay... another ROS won't hurt at all 😂 Im in and Im dragging @ikrahch and @anroja to join in

Thank You :)

I want this card to level up. :P

I'm tagging @nain