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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine. In today's post, I will be sharing today's quest rewards and the 2 pack opening result from the gladius edition that i bought with 4000 merits.



As you know today one more brawls battle was completed and we got some merits that i will explain below but i today i converted this card to level 2 by combining 4 epic cards worth 800 collection power and made this card level 2 which increased the range attack of this card from 4 to 5 that i will be using inside the water splinter to check the performance of this card now along with its bloodlust ability which is the basic ability in all gladius cards.



Well, today one more brawls result has been announced and this time we got the 2nd position in tire 2 and got 3200 merits that i spent for buying the gladius pack and bought two gladius pack with 400 merits but got nothing from it as you can see only common and rare cards in which i converted some cards to level 2 today while some of the gladius cards are not at level 3 especially the common cards from water, fire and earth splinter while some epic cards are converted to level 2.


Here is the 2nd pack opening that you can see below which i snapped from the peakmonsters website as the first pack i opened from the gladius edition was not shown due to net i capture this snap from the peakmonsters website to show the rewards from this pack opening that what i got but nothing good as always worst cards from the pack opening.



Well, the quest was tough and difficult today which was with the death splinter and i have level 3 death summoners while one is legendary at level 2 the mimosa nightshade but i can not use it all the time because of low mana battles so i lost some ratings which went down below 2500 but finally recovered before the claiming quest rewards and here you can see the rewards from today's quest in which i got so many cards today but all of them are normal and have been upgraded to enough and specific levels like the neutral rare is already upgraded to level 4 while the dragon monster is upgraded to level 5 for the stun ability while rest of the monsters are also at level 6 and 5.

All images and animations are from the Splinterlands blogs and website

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