Arlic Stormbringer! Captain, My Captain!

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This weeks theme for @steemmonters' "Share Your Battle Challenge,” is Water! It’s my favorite splinter! Ok. So, let’s get into it! My battle is below:

The Lineup


Arlic Stormbringer


Frost Giant, Creeping Ooze, Furious Chicken, Magi Sphinx, Mischievous Mermaid, & Albatross!

In the first position, I used the Legendary Frost Giant as my range attack. I then followed up with Creeping Ooze & Furious Chicken in positions 2 and 3! These monsters were put there to primarily preoccupy the enemy as my magic monsters attacked from positions 4 and 5 (Magi Sphinx & Mischievous Mermaid.) I had 1 Mana left, so I simply used Albatross in last position!

My strategy worked! Or maybe I just got lucky 🍀




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LOL! I almost always assume "I just got lucky". 🤣