Investment In Splinterlands Quest, Legendary And Alchemy Potion – 44 Report

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Day 44 Diamond III League Reached.jpg

Finally reached the Diamond league

After spending 3 days in the Gold I league I felt it was time to give the Diamond league a go. I started earlier in the day doing some battles but it wasn’t just happening, the Diamond league guys were just teasing me, I’ll get so close, less than 50 points to reach it and then they knock me way down and almost out of the Gold I league.

Day 44 Daily Quest Battle.jpg

Daily Quest battles

I tried again in the afternoon but it was the same old story, I couldn’t reach my target. My quest came up later in the evening, I got the death splinter but I knew that was a no no for me so I changed the splinter and got the special “win three battles without using neutral monsters”. I am getting use to it so I did well in it to complete my daily quest.

After completing my daily quest I was 19 point of the Diamond league so I decided to give it a go, I felt one more battle wasn’t going to do much damage to my rating, so I clicked the ranked button and waited. Boy was it some waiting, I kept thinking what if this battle is a win and it is such that gives just 10 points, it means I’ll have to do another battle. What it is such type of lose that 66 points is deducted from my ratings. Harsh isn’t it? But it has happened to me before.

Day 44 Daily Quest Battle - won 5 of 6.jpg

Won 4 of the 5 Quest battles

Anyways, I didn’t allow all these stuff bug me, I am a man on a mission and the objective was to get to the Diamond league today. I can’t tell you guys how happy I am when I won the battle and I got 24 point which shot me into the Diamond league, Yeeeee Haaaaaa! This makes it three seasons in a row that I have reached the diamond league considering the fact that I haven’t spent up to two months playing the game actively. I won 4 of the 5 battle to complete my daily quest and also getting into the diamond league. That is guaranteed 40 cards in the bag.

Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 44.jpg

Rewards day 44

I need to shake up my potion bottles a lot because it doesn’t seem to be oozing out the gold cards or legendary cards as it used to do some days ago. Lol. Again, I look forward to a better reward cards tomorrow, so see you guys in battle while still CROSSING MY FINGERS. Lol.

won in tournament - Day 44.jpg

Won 750 DEC in tournament

My day didn’t end they, I got notice of a tournament I entered yesterday while writing this post. I decided to pause the post and take part in it, it was a daunting on but at the end of the day I got something out of it. I think we started with over 130 fighters and I was lucky to be among the best 32 fighters and that earned me 750 DEC. Yeee peeee!

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I am going for Gold this season! I got a lot of help from lending cards :D

Leasing helps a lot as some of the cards are way too expensive.

I am borrowing the cards from a friendly soul and not leasing them :D

Wow! That is so nice of the person. Leasing has been costing me a lot daily.

Great Splinterlands post! An upvote form Steem Monsters is on the way!
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Loads of thanks my dear, you are appreciated.

Thanks again for the thumbs up.