I got that magic water splinter

in #sptlast year

I had the water splinter for my daily quest today and thought it appropriate to make a Splinterlands battle challenge post. This week's theme is the water splinter.
Here is the battle

I noticed that @limier was using the life splinter for the majority of his recent battles and using Tyrus for his summoner. As Tyrus gives +2 to Armor I decided I needed to go heavy on the magic for this battle.

I decided to use my Chain Golem as a tank because of his shield and void abilities would help him last longer in the no healing ruleset. Then I loaded my team with magic attacks.

I put the Phantom of the Abyss second in line to take any and all damage after my chain golem because it had the most health. The Phantom also has dodge to possibly dodge melee or ranged attacks if it becomes the primary tank.

I used the Ruler of the Seas next because of the magic blast going around the armor.

I used Coral Wraith next because of the magical sneak ability I figured I would cut him down from the back too. The 2 magic +1 from alric equals 3 magic attack as sneak that slices through most enemies really fast as most people aren't expecting a magic sneak.

The the Mischievous Mermaid was next because she is fragile and then the Sea Genie last in case I ran into a sneak attack as he had more health than the Mermaid..

This team worked especially well because my opponent used the Defender of Truth which added more armor on top of the armor that Tyrus granted his monsters, so all of the magic evaded the armor. I ended up defeating my opponents entire team without taking a single casualty.

I enjoy playing the water splinter because it is a well rounded splinter, I just wish the albatross gained it's tank heal at a lower level because I don't ever forsee upgrading my summoners past level 3.


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Great explanation of battle placements. This is super helpful!
Thank you for sharing your content on Twitter!