SPARK PIXIES - An Electricity Small Fiery Particles Monster

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Hello Fellas,

I have delegated all of my SM accounts to someone for playing but I played one of my accounts to do this challenge. I was trying to win the battle with this week's challenge that is SPARK PIXIES card from the Fire Deck. If you wanna participate then you can find detail here.⚔️

Spark Pixies

Spark Pixies is a rare Untamed card from the Fire splinter with 1 health and 5 speed at level 1. As the name itself suggests that spark of electricity which brings spark from its natural electricity in the burning lands. This spark is so powerful to burn any of the land area in no minutes. So, think how much this card is powerful when it comes to playing with the Fire deck. It boasts its speed if you use Spark Pixies with Pyre summoner. It is a 4 mana card which could be used in little league as well.

⚔️ MY ENTRY ⚔️

I didn't have this card in my collection so I took on lease the LVL 2 so that I can give it a try first then I will think of buying and leveling up. For now, I took LVL 2 Spark Pixies delegation from the website. I played one to two battles using this card and won both of them but I am sharing one of my battles here with these two rulesets

with 42 Mana.

Link to Battle ⚔️

Sharing a battle overview below that I played today and won it as well. Although I played two such battles this seems very nice to me to share publicly. :P The battle link you can find by clicking on the above heading.

Why I Choose this Lineup?

LVL 5 Pyre is an untamed summoner from the latest edition of the SM. It comes up with one and most-wanted ability that is speed and everyone wants to enhance their monster's speed in every battle except the reverse speed battles. I had to use Spark Pixies so I wanted to make that card more powerful to attack. This summoner makes a huge difference in the battle so I used it for this battle because I wanted to win this battle with higher speed.

LVL 4 Serpent of the Flame is an epic card from the Alpha edition and I used it due to its high speed and Poison ability as a tank. I could even use Cerberus as a tank but I choose it wisely as per the rulesets. One of the rulesets was Earthquack so this epic card has 2 armor which could be used to avoid losing health for a while when an earthquake comes to the battle. Also, Pyre could help this card more speedy. ;)

LVL 6 Gelatinous is a reward card with very nice health points and healing ability at this level so I used it in the second position because of the Earthquake ruleset so I wanted more fly or self-healing ability monsters in the battle in order to win. Though this cube does nothing I kept in the second position to take the magic blast attack and overcome losing points during an earthquake so it can heal-up again right after losing its health again and again.

LVL 5 Flame Imp is another reward card that I used in the third position due to its flying and swiftness ability. The flying ability to not lose any point during an earthquake and the swiftness ability to speed up all of the monster's speed in the battle. This is why I used this cute monster which took only 3 mana costs.

LVL 2 Spark Pixies is today's prime card to use in the battle and win in order to participate in this weekly challenge. This card has the flying ability because electricity sparks could travel here and there so its ability suits accordingly. I used it in the middle position of the battle so that it won't get hurts early until I see its inaction. This really does wonders by attacking. It also misses some attacks due to its flying ability that made me feel good.

LVL 4 Fire Demon is an epic monster from the fire splinter which has blast ability at Lvl 3. It doesn't go well with such rulesets but I used it for only its blast ability. Also, this card got nice health which can stay for at least 2 to 3 rounds if an earthquake comes. It also performs greatly and I am happy about using it. The blast ability worked well in this battle as you can see the battle.

LVL 5 Cerberus is a self-healing melee monster form the Fire splinter which could be used as a tank but I prefer to use it in the last position to avoid the sneaky monsters. Cerberus has retaliated ability which could be very beneficial if a sneaky monster hits it then this shows an immediate response. But unfortunately, my opponent didn't come with sneaky monsters. On the other hand, luckily, this melee monster performed very well at the end of the battle when my all monsters died. :D

Did this Strategy work out well?

Yeah, it worked out very well as I placed Spark Pixies in the middle of the monsters so it won't get damaged so early. Though all positioning monsters performed very well. What If I didn't come with this strategy then what will happen to me? I don't wanna even think about it.... xD


Do you use the SPARK PIXIES often?

No, this was the first experience that I gained by using this card. I even didn't have this card in my collection so I took it on delegation for trying. Now my experience got successful that changed my mind to buy from the market.


Which ruleset is best fit for SPARK PIXIES?

In my opinion, earthquake and Little League goes very well with Spark Pixies. Almos making sure to place this in the middle of the monster so it won't get died early. It's a speedy ranged monster so it will work very well if you increase its speed more and level up.


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Great post!
Man! Even at level 2 those pixies are FAST. Excellent lineup up otherwise too. Having the Cube in 2nd is always good. Thanks for sharing!

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