Giant Squid from an Ocean to the Battlefield

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Hello Fellas,

We got another weekly challenge to write on which is a Giant Squad card from an Untamed edition belongs to Water family. If you wanna participate in this challenge then you are free to join to win upvote.

Giant Squad

Giant Squid comes with 2 main abilities at different levels belongs to the water family from the Untamed edition. Its shape showed that its an ocean monster that has the power to feel their arrivals from miles aways. It comes under ranged monster so it could be used in certain rulesets as it carries 5 mana cap with low speed.

Blind ability at LVL 4 is an amazing ability to increase the chance of missing attack if the enemy used ranged or melee attack on your team. I laughed at the shape of the blind ability, it seems funny. xD

Weaken ability sometimes surpass the enemy team if he used only 2 to 3 health monsters because this ability reduce the health of all the monsters used in the battle.

⚔️ MY ENTRY ⚔️

I didn't have Giant Squid so I took on lease rather than spending money on it as I had to try first then I may make my mind to invest on this card. The battles I playedwith two rulesets..

and 22 Mana Cap.

Link to Battle ⚔️

Giant Squid is a perfect card in the reverse speed ruleset so I used it for this ruleset as you can see the battle link above.

Why I Choose this Lineup?

LVL 7Borttus comes always handy in the Back to Basic ruleset as we always think that our enemy will come with magic attack holders where Bortus used to reduce 1 magic attack. This is why I used this summoner though I could use dragon summoner to summon the Giant Squid. My opponent came with 2 magic attack monsters as I was thinking so Brutus reduces 1 magic as there was not a silence summoner but back to basic ruleset so Bortus worked out.

LVL 3 Furious Chicken comes handy when you eagerly wanted to waste one of the opponent's attacks on the chicken which also carries only one speed, 1 health, and 1 melee. Luckily, my opponent came with Pyre which is used to increase the speed of all monsters so my chicken hits first. xD

LVL 5 Spineback Turtle is a perfect example using in the reverse speed ruleset so I used it in the very second position. Its armor and good health along with low speed help a lot in such ruleset. It carries 2 melee attacks which is good with 1 speed in this ruleset so it went very well. I always prefer to use this monster as a tank in reverse speed ruleset.

LVL 6 Creeping ooze carries only 1 mana so I happily use in the Back to Basic ruleset if I left with some extra mana. I used it in the third position. Though it doesn't attack every time as it used to be killed first. :P It can' slow down the speed if we are looking at both rulesets so it was a good choice to use like this. It gets at least one attack to save the rest team for a while.

LVL 6Crustacean King is a perfect example of low-speed monsters though it gives only one damage I had no choice in choosing low-speed monsters so I used it in this position. It doesn't make any difference but contributed something good for winning the battle against an opponent.

LVL 3 Giant Squidcomes with 2 ranged attack and 2 speed so it went well according to the ruleset. This is why I placed at the second last position so it can attack the monsters thrice times at least. I used this card only for its low speed compared to other ones and it also carries 2 ranged attacks at this level along with good health and armor. This monster fits in this ruleset so I used it this way.

LVL 4 Ruler of the Seasis a savior monster in the water family whenever you confronted with Back to the Basic ruleset. However, I had to look at the reverse ruleset as well, the same way ruler of the seas can't boost the speed of the monsters so I took advantage and placed at the end of the battle of it keep attacking with 4 magic attacks. I won the battle just because of this card as I used at the last position.

Did this Strategy work out well?

Yeah!! It worked out very well as you can watch the battle by yourself where Giant Quid as a ranged monster played very well. I was looking for a suitable ruleset to play with Giant so luckily I found the reverse ruleset along with monsters lose all abilities but it went nice.


Do you use the Giant Squid often?

No, I don't use it frequently as it is only useful in Untamed battles that usually happens in the tourneys. I found the reverse speed ruleset better for playing with Giant Squid as I just played the above battle successfully.


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I love that you (remember) to lease to try out cards. It's such a great way to figure out if they are something you really want... at a fraction of the cost. 🥰@carrieallen

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