Splinter Strategy - Rexxie SMASH

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This combo's goal is to destroy the opponent in the first round. It may also be valuable in higher leagues.

Rexxie SMASH

I can hear him roaring as he eats the whole front line of my opponent before they even get the chance to hit back. But how do I do it?


As every strategy in this game, it is situational. It works best with the UNARMORED and SLOW/FOG OF WAR rules so you have the best chance of completing the turn-one stomp. But you can also do it with just UNARMORED.

Pay attention to the card levels shown in Unarmored + Slow because higher levels might make them hit after Rexxie which is not ideal in our strategy.

Working with the plot

The problem is getting Rexxie to hit the tank last. This can be worked around by only picking monsters that will attack before him. This prevents the enemy tank to fully use heals from it's team.

UNARMORED helps by letting you focus on getting the most damage out without worrying with any armor left, while SLOW allows you to pick even more powerful heavy hitters to dish out damage before our T-Rex.

Card choices


These cards will be used in every situation when attempting this combo.


These cards will help Rexxie deliver the final blow by either attacking before him or providing him with a better chance of hitting first and not hitting his target.

Slow, Unarmored + Slow

These cards will help Rexxie deliver the final blow by attacking before him. Being able to use heavy hitters gives you maximum advantage!

Leftover mana

These candidates might help you with sustainability and snipes. Just make sure you use them at the third and/or last positions.

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