Daily quest number 5! Nothing special!

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Another day, another daily quest. Since the steem blockchain outage my daily quest did switch from the morning to the evening. I do like the morning more. But it appears that the smaller players are more active during the evenings. Guess people who are claiming this were wrong :(

The daily quest had to be played with death again. Really hoping that I also will get a water daily quest streak.
22 battles were needed to be able to claim the reward cards. During these 22 battles I step out as winner in 9 occasions and also had one rare tie!
Also a little bit over 500 DEC were earned. 100 will be used to support the Guild. The remainder will be put in the saving bank. Trying to collect a shitload of DEC (at least a shitload for me) because I do expect that they could become more valuable in the future.

The rewards

Daily quest.jpg

As you can see nothing special. The hobgoblin will be sold. It is already on level 6, which I do consider my max for my rare cards. A summoner need to be on level 7 to be able to support rare cards of level 7. This means that when my summoners did reach level 6, 26 more summoner cards are needed. This would require an amount of Steem, which I am not willing to invest on this moment into Steemmonsters. First let me try to get my summoner on lvl 6. After that the monsters will need some attention.
The combined value of the daily rewards were $0.22, which brings the season total on $0.88 or 5.301 Steem.


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Definitely gets more expensive after level 6! I am just a dozen cards away to getting all my Rare and Epic Summoners to max but then looking at maxing the monsters out is another issue and expensive! However, it so far has been worth it.

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