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Hello everybody, How are you?

One more season ended and again I was in the Bronze I league. So I only received 9 cards. Only this time it was much, much better than last time.

Between several days of missions, I realized that my weak point is still the Earth Splinter. It wasn't meant to be since I have great cards and from what I see in other opponents, I'm not left behind. But at the moment of the fight my strategies do not work. So I have to rethink calmly after that

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As you can see, I was very lucky. Because I won the DARIA DRAGONSCALE and was very happy because in addition to being epic, he is golden and LV 3. If I wanted to sell, I would receive 15,000 DEC. This in Steem Engine it would be 80 STEEM if it sold everything. Just a single letter could give me the ROI of my investment and still make a good profit.

I'm very pleased and I knew I might regret not having started well before playing SM, but is that "better late than never" story right? Now the balance of my letters has almost doubled from my last analysis.


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See you next time and let's play Steem Monsters which is very good! There is no better combination of playing and profiting at the same time.

Version in portuguese here

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